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Central Florida - Orlando MLS Realtor Home Listing Service.

Real Estate Services offered by... Larry E. Johnson
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Serving Central Florida
Since 1980



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It all begins here and as you scroll down the page you will find links that will take you back to the top. On the left you can "Click" a link for a Free Market Analysis, there is also a link to search the Realtor MLS for a home search and some other useful sites. If you bookmark the MLS link you will be able to do a search at anytime you desire. Get ready for some great information!

Hello and Welcome! I am Larry Johnson,
Broker-Owner of Real Estate Services offered by...

Larry E. Johnson!

"At Last! An Opportunity To Advertise Your Orlando or Central Florida Real Estate On The Powerful...

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Without Paying A Typical 6% or 7% Commission"

Discover how to list your Mid Florida property on the local Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a one time low flat fee.

No Listing Commission to Pay at Closing
Save Time...Avoid Work...Avoid Frustration...Save Thousands

Email me at any point!
Larry E. Johnson

Larry E. Johnson
407.247.1769(Local call in Orlando)

Something All Sellers' should know!

Full service traditional real estate is not the only way!

If you're capable of selling on your own we promise you will be impressed, excited and eager to get started with the flat fee MLS program.

The listing programs offered by traditional 6% or 7% real estate brokers are not for you if you have the skills to sell on your own.

Not all that skilled but want to save too?

Traditional services can be obtained with a

Low or No Listing Commission.
Ask about our
Buyer Advantage Program for details!

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Personal Note to the Home Seller...

Dear Home Seller,

Central Florida real estate continues to be a solid investment. Markets across many Florida communities are reporting record sales and low inventory.

We are in a strong SELLERS MARKET, and because of the low inventory, many sellers are experiencing a bidding war. It's not uncommon for properties to sell above list price. Real estate has never been worth more than it is right now in Orlando and Central Florida. If you're thinking of selling, now is the time!

Take a few minutes and let us show you how to take advantage of our home listing service. In less than five minutes you will know exactly, step by step, everything you need to know to sell your home easily and with great savings.

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The most powerful tool ever created for
Selling Real Estate

A powerful and remarkable marketing tool like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has been a sure-fire success formula used by listing agents for decades.

The effectiveness of the MLS is what sells real estate not all the promises and sales hype you will hear during an agents listing presentation.

The truth is, if you can effectively market your home along with our service then you can save thousands. Until now it's been for sale by owner (FSBO) or pay 6% to a broker.

Our Seller Assisted Program combines the power of the MLS with your marketing efforts. It's a partnership that works because you retain the right to sell on your own and pay no commission.

After you sign a full commission listing agreement locking you into a 6% or 7% fee the agent will:

  • Take your listing back to the office...
  • Write up a few remarks...
  • Turn it over to their MLS department and wait for one the of local cooperating Realtors to sell it...
  • because 95% of agents do not sell their own listings...
Our program puts us in the 5% category rather than the other because we offer to pay the Buyers' 1st. Mortgage Payment for them! They will call us before calling anyone else! Think about it! Your marketing efforts can save you thousands if you find the Buyer, our program can save you thousands, attract more Buyers than any other real estate company and save you thousands.

The MLS Revealed...

The Multiple Listing Service is the most powerful marketing tool every created to sell real estate. It's time tested and proven! Today more than 70% of all homes are sold as a direct result of the systems enormous targeted exposure.

What is the MLS? And what can it do for me?

The "MLS" is an extensive database of information on real estate properties listed by Realtors. A tool available exclusively to the 700,000 members of the National Association of Realtors, 75,000 members of the Florida association of Realtors and the 12,000 plus real estate companies that make up the local "MLS" boards in Florida.

The Multiple Listing Service provides the biggest marketing advantage in selling houses. When a potential buyer contacts a Realtor regarding a home purchase, the agent will search the "MLS" for properties meeting their criteria. If a Realtor finds a buyer for your home you will only pay a 3% commission of the sales price.

This kind of exposure is not available anywhere else...

By using our flat fee service you will avoid paying the typical 3% to list your home.

And YES, this is the the same MLS system that your local Realtors use...

To gain the greatest exposure and let the majority of qualified buyers know that your home is available you will need to be listed on the "MLS."

Listing your property on the MLS informs every local Realtor that your home is available and that their commission, usually 3%, is protected when they deliver a qualified buyer.

You see...Realtors usually avoid for sale by owner properties because they are working with buyers and have no written agreement to be compensated. If the seller has not agreed in writing to pay a commission, the buyer could cut the agent right out of the deal and negotiate directly with the seller.

A startling thought you happens!

With flat fee MLS service, the seller has agreed in writing to pay a commission, usually 2% or 3%, making everyone happy! Now when the Realtors call they really will have a potential buyer who wants to see your property. You won't be hearing a line of bull from agents who are just trying to get your listing. The call will be for real! Being listed stops the relentless badgering from those annoying agents who are just looking for an easy listing.

That's all it takes to put a massive sales force to work for you!

IIf you'd like to save a great deal of money, sell your home quickly, not have to deal directly with buyers, and just sit back, relax, and review offers then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

When you say that you need to keep your hard-earned equity, sell your home for top dollar, save time and avoid frustration! You've just described the benefits of our flat fee MLS home listing service!

Now, we know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let us give you five good reasons we can back up what we claim:

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Five Reasons To Believe What We Say

  • This is not a typical for sale by owner rip-off service that places your home on an outdated web site with a worthless virtual tour. This is the Realtor MLS which represents the largest trade organization in the world, the National Association of Realtors!
  • According to the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) home seller survey, fifty percent of sellers first try to sell their home without using a listing Realtor to avoid paying an average six percent commission. The survey also shows that only sixteen percent of sellers actually sell their home without exposure in the MLS. And many of them end up giving away their commission savings to the buyer to close the deal.
  • The power of the MLS is cooperation and compensation. The majority of listed homes do not sell by the listing office. In actuality, most sales involve two different offices, a listing office and a selling office. This means that it is not as important which office the home seller selects to list the property as it is that the home is listed on the MLS.
  • National studies show that more than 65% of potential home buyers start their home search on the Internet. And for you, the seller, to get your home advertised on the top sites like where home buyer's shop you must be listed on the MLS first.
  • As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Realtors Association and several local MLS associations throughout Florida we are bound by the standards and ethics of these associations to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner. As a licensed Florida real estate broker there are extensive laws that I must follow to serve and protect the best interest of the people in Florida.

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Here is a summary of the flat fee MLS benefits you receive
  • Listing on the MLS...
  • Maximum exposure! Your home listing will be available to every local Realtor in your area for up to one year. You have just hired the largest targeted sales force in Florida to locate a ready, able and willing buyer.
  • Working with Realtors...
  • Save time, effort and frustration. Sit back and let the Realtors bring you the offers rather than you spending time and money trying to find qualified prospects on your own.
  • Listing on
  • Expose your home to potential buyers throughout the world. is the official website of the National Association of Realtors. Our program includes a basic listing with one photo of your property on
  • Security feature...
  • Realtors will be showing your home to pre-screened buyers. A big fear for many people selling by-owner is allowing perfect strangers into their homes. It can be very dangerous if you are showing property alone and not working with a professional Realtor who has been trained to qualify the prospect.
  • Pre-Qualified buyers who can afford your home...
  • The Realtors will qualify their buyer prospects before they load them into the car and start the tour. You won't have to deal with qualifying the buyer or asking sensitive questions about their finances. Many Realtors insist that their buyer prospect get pre-approved from a mortgage broker before they start looking for a home.
  • The Marketing plan...
  • The MLS is the best marketing plan for selling your home. Unless you intend to also try and to sell it on your own, you won't need to put together a long drawn out and expensive marketing plan. The MLS is the most powerful system ever developed and is the direct result of more than 70% of all home sales.
  • Realtor is the intermediary...
  • You won't have to deal directly with the buyer as we have mentioned. This makes the showing and negotiating process much more effective. Everyone usually feels more comfortable with this process.
  • More and better quality Buyers...
  • Serious buyers like to work with Realtors. It doesn't cost them anything to have their hand held throughout the entire sales process. The buyer is chauffeured to see homes that meet their requirements. They are told what they need to do and when they need to do it throughout the closing process. And it doesn't cost the buyer anything for this special treatment.
  • Realtors will call you to show your home...
  • This is a great benefit for you and for Realtors. You are listed on the MLS as the contact person and Realtors will call you directly to schedule a showing of your home and to ask questions about the property. It saves a lot of time for everyone. When the potential buyer has a question the agent can get the correct answer immediately by calling you.
  • The MLS works full time 24/7...
  • When you try to sell your home by-owner it is usually a part time effort but Realtors presumably work day and night searching for properties that satisfy their buyers needs.
  • Eliminates unscrupulous phone calls from listing agents...
  • Once you've listed your property on the MLS you will not receive any more solicitation calls from agents trying to list your home. Its against MLS rules!
  • Eliminates unscrupulous phone calls from so called investors...
  • Unless you're running FSBO adds in your local newspaper you will not be getting those annoying calls from people who just bought a "no money down program" from a late night infomercial.
  • Not Learning Florida Disclosure Laws...
  • By working with the selling agent you will get plenty of free professional assistance with the documents, disclosure forms and closing procedure.
  • The deposit will be placed in escrow for you...
  • No need to open an escrow account or be concerned about how to handle the deposit on your home. The selling agent (buyers agent) will place the deposit with a third party escrow company for safe keeping.
  • Inspections monitored by Realtors...
  • Staying on top of the required inspections and closing requirements can be tedious work when selling by-owner. However, you will have the buyer's agent making sure all Inspections are ordered and that all deadlines are met. They don't get paid if the deal doesn't close!
  • Net more money from the sale...
  • Statistics show that homes sold on the MLS sell for a higher price. Buyers are NOT trying to get a rebate from you on your commission savings like with for sale by owner properties. WHY? Because they thank that you are already paying a full commission and that there is no huge savings to take advantage of.
Now, you're probably wondering how
and why we can do all those things!
Let me explain.

Flat fee MLS is a great alternative to traditional real estate listing services with proven results. Offering Realtors a commission, usually 2% or 3%, to bring you a qualified buyer makes the whole FSBO process work with absolute ease.

You see, most people don't mind paying a commission to a buyers agent and that is what our program is all about. This program eliminates half of the typical 6% commission listing agents usually charge. Our goal is to help you sell your home and keep your equity in your pocket.

Offering a Realtor 2% or 3% on the MLS to sell your home puts thousands of local agents to work to find a qualified and eager buyer for your property.

Combine all that with our Buyer/Seller Advantage Progran and you have a Win/Win. Offering to pay the Buyers 1st. Mortgage Payment helps us to attract more Buyers. This allows us to sell more of our own listings and pass the savings on to you!

The program works and it works well! The flexibility and the ability to tailor our program to your needs offers you something that you cannot get with other agencies.

You owe it to yourself to get all the details before deciding to go on your own or hire an agent. We're not all the same.

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Don't take my word for it. Read what our customers say.

Dear Larry,

I am writing to thank you for your services in the recent sale of my house in East Orlando. As you know, I was experiencing some "softness" selling the house using a full commission broker.

Because of the flexibility you allow sellers regarding the listing of their property and acting as their own listing broker, I was able to save nearly $8,000.00 in real estate commission, and therefore offer the home at a more competitive price.

After engaging your agency, I had 3 people bidding on the property within one month and it ultimately went to contract at very near my asking price.

I can not recommend your services enough. I am a highly satisfied customer and will most certainly be knocking at your door for all my future Florida real estate needs.

Sincerely, James P.


I tried the link and our house looks great! Thank you so much. I don't think the other people who wanted to do this for me for 3.5%, could have done more!

It has been great working with you, and I shall definitely recommend your services to my friends.

Randy and Shena B.


Thanks for all your help. This was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I'm really excited about this type of service.

You gave us the kind of advertising that has never been available to homeowners before, the MLS! I am a very satisfied customer.

Thanks, Gene M.

Dear Larry,

Without hesitation, we would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking to save money. We tried to sell our home for about two months by placing a for sale sign in the front yard and running ads in the local paper.

When we listed our home with you on a flat fee basis we never expected to sell it in only three days, at the full asking price. Thanks for introducing us to such a great concept!

Thank you so much, George A.

Larry, This is to inform you that I have a contract on my house. I would like to take it off the market. Thanks for your help. The MLS listing is what did it. I will call you today to confirm this and fax a copy of the contract to you if you like.

Don and Billie Jo S.

You know the drill ... Click here and you're there!!

The facts are simple! Traditional Realtors will charge 3% of the sale price to list your home on the MLS. We will charge you $495.00!

Do NOT use any flat fee MLS home listing program
unless it meets the following 5 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding flat fee MLS programs in the real estate Industry. We want to give you 5 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must understand:

One: Some FLAT FEE companies are charging an up front fee as low at $99 but have hidden back end fees that may cost you 1/2%, 1% or more in commission when you sell your home. Avoid this kind of may cost you thousands of dollars when you close! Read the listing agreement from beginning to end and ask if there are any other fees involved. Try to find a broker that is sincere and means flat fee when they say flat fee.

Two: When we started this program in the Greater Orlando Area there wasn't many flat fee brokers anywhere in the country. We're beginning to see more now, but BEWARE, not all of them are really offering flat fee services.

Real estate companies, brokers and agents come and go. It's the nature of the real estate profession. So watch out for the broker that couldn't make it in the traditional world of real estate and thought they would give this flat fee thing a shot.

You want to use the services of a broker that fully understands the importance of completing a detailed MLS listing. The listing also must be carefully placed in the appropriate category for Realtors to find it when their conducting a search.

It seems like a very simple process but if the flat fee agent doesn't know what their doing you will end up paying the price. Don't get lost in the system over a few bucks!

The competence of the broker you use to place your listing is crucial. They must have a broad understanding of the entire MLS software program and the marketing sense to position you for the greatest amount of targeted activity.

This is a simple process, but, only for those of us who have studied the Multiple Listing Service and know how to take advantage of every single tool available on the system. We have to continue to practice the fundamentals everyday and be willing to learn about the new innovative programs that the MLS creates.

Three: Although the average market time for a home priced within the market value range is about 45 days in Florida we place the property on the MLS for up to 1 year. Why not! You can cancel and make changes to your listing anytime you want. We fax or email our customers a copy of the actual listing to look over. If any changes are necessary it's taken care of immediately.

Four: Most Realtors seem to put very little importance on the photos of your home. They usually have the staff MLS photographer take one photo of the front of the property and two weeks later it may appear on the listing.

We take several photos of your home including interior features. We have the MLS software to upload multiple photos of your home (available on most Florida MLS boards) so Realtors can email their buyers complete details and the pictures of your homes best selling features anywhere is the world.

Five: We have run across some Internet companies offering flat fee service nationally. After looking closely at a couple of the programs we realized that they were not affiliated with the real Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at all. Their programs offered Internet advertising and they tried to use a similar name to make you think it was the actual Realtor MLS system.

Before you list your property make certain it is the local Realtor Multiple Listing Service that you're getting. There is no substitute for the real thing in this case!

You should read on, if not... Click here and you're there!!

What full commission agents are saying about flat fee services

Traditional agents tell us they like our program because it offers additional inventory to present to their buyers. However, they would never tell us this in front of their broker or their few die-hard co-workers who only list homes. And as you can probably guess the agents that only list are the agents that don't like what our program provides. And the big mega brokers know they would never offer an option like flat fee MLS.

We get calls from customers every day, telling us how amazing this system really is. So try it for yourself before you listen to a full commission listing agents fictitious warning. They have no defense for this type of program other than to try and use scare tactics.

If you have done the math and reviewed the charts above, you realize that the savings involved with our flat fee MLS service is impressive.

As I mentioned before, home sellers using our service will save an average of $5700.00 on the sale of a $200,000 home, over $7200.00 in savings on the sale of a $250,000 property and a whopping $14,725 will be saved in listing commissions on the sale of a $500,000 home.

Did you know that traditional agents offer to reimburse sellers for any money they invested in a by-owner program, including flat fee services, if they agree to list with them.

We have heard this from several home sellers from all around the country who have tried various by-owner programs first, before listing. We've asked several Realtors about this and they tell us that it is policy for most traditional real estate companies to agree to reimburse for the price of any fsbo program at closing in exchange for the full service listing.

If for some reason your circumstances changed due to a job transfer or in your personal or business commitments and you decided you needed the assistance of a full commission agent they would probably reimburse you for this program when your property closes. Another great reason to test drive our MLS home listing service!

The point is this...The value of our home listing service is at least 10 times what you will pay for it and in most cases it will not cost you anything to test the results and find out for yourself that its everything we say it is.

In summary, here's what you get:

  • Flat Fee Realtor MLS home listing service for up to one year...
  • Today's most dynamic FSBO program saving you 3% of your equity...
  • The ability to save thousands and not have to deal directly with buyers unless you choose to and save even more...
  • A well crafted and detailed MLS listing that gets attention...
  • Upload and display multiple photos on your MLS Listings in most MLS areas...
  • International exposure with a Internet listing on,, Yahoo Real Estate, and more...

    Plus... if you are buying another home and allow us to represent you the savings are even greater!

It doesn't matter what time it is or what day of the week it is! Your listing will be active on the MLS within 24 hours!

So call or email us now for the details on the most flexible selling and buying program ever offered by a real estate company!

To your success,

Larry Johnson
Real Estate Services offered by Larry E. Johnson

Have questions? Feel free to email me at:
Larry E. Johnson

Larry E. Johnson
407.247.1769 (Local call in Orlando)

Larry E. Johnson

P.S. - The real estate market is hot throughout Florida right now. It's a sellers market, which means selling prices are at there highest. If you're serious about selling your home, now is the time.

The Smart Way to Sell Your Home...

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Florida Law Requires that Real Estate Licensees provide this notice to potential Buyer's and Seller's of Real Estate.
You are hereby notified that Real Estate Professionals and I do not represent you in any capacity. You should not assume that any real estate broker or salesperson represents you unless you agree to engage a real estate licensee in an authorized brokerage relationship, either as a single agent or as a transaction broker. You are advised not to disclose any information you want to be held in confidence until you make a decision on representation.