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Junior Chamber South Africa

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Junior Chamber South Africa

In 1932 Cape Town Junior Chamber of Commerce was started, followed by chapters all over South Africa. Junior Chamber South Africa was officially affiliated to JCI in 1957. In the years that followed it grew to Ī2000 members in more than 60 chapters. For unknown reasons, although thought to have something to do with South Africaís isolation, Junior Chamber South Africa started a downward spiral in the late 1980s.

Vision 2001 - The Rebirth

John F Kennedy once said "Everything changes but change itself". South Africa has been through a lot of change in the last few years. Positive changes that have brought about brighter prospects for our country and her people. Of course with change comes new and different challenges, but that is what makes life so wonderful. Without change and new challenges, we cease to exist. In a new and better South Africa, we needed a new and better Junior Chamber. JCSA needed a new vision, a new and enhanced roll to play in our new country. And so it was that Vision 2001 was born. A vision of participating in the development of our country and itís people and becoming a major contributor to itís success.

THE VISION: To participate and celebrate in the success of the new South Africa by contributing to the development of her people, and ultimately creating the love and peace she so richly deserves.

THE MISSION: To become the ultimate platform for leadership development , at all levels of society, in South Africa.

Who Are Our Members

Membership is open to anyone no younger than 18 and no older than 40. Although our members come from all walks of life, they consist mostly of the following groups

Business Owners: Junior Chamber is the biggest international Business Network for young Entrepreneurs in the world. It is our mission to create future leaders, and we believe we are the most relevant organization to do this in business.

Working People: The working people of our country need the opportunity to better themselves and contribute to there communities. We believe that Junior Chamber offers them the best opportunities.

Disadvantaged communities: More than half our population live in disadvantaged communities. It is not fair to label them as helpless. They are as capable as any other Human Being. Junior Chamber wishes to offer the opportunity for self and community development to these very special people.

Students: We are flushing out 1000 of graduates every year, but there is little guarantee for work. There is only employment for about 20% of our annual turn out of University, Technicn & Collage graduates. Junior Chamber can assist in equipping these valuable members of our country, with the leadership and entrepreneurial skills to offer them a wider scope of opportunities.

Our 5 Primary Beneficiaries

Our Members: One of the things that makes Junior Chamber unique, is itís focus on the development of itís members. Better leaders mean a better future.

Children: Children are the future. We want to help prepare them to become better leaders and make their future as bright as possible.

Previously Disadvantaged Communities: Due to the Old South Africa, we have millions of citizens who are uneducated and do not understand the simplest of things that we often take for granted. Everyone who benefits from the wealth of this country has the responsibility to help these wonderful people, live a better life.

Government: For years Junior Chamber International has been responsible for developing Heads of States (John F Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, USA; Jacques Chirac, France; Poul Schluter, Denmark; Yasuhiro Nakasone, Japan and Jan Kryzsztof Bielecki; Poland) and members of governments and parliaments throughout the world. JCSA hopes to prepare the future leaders of our wonderful country.

The environment: The mother of all mothers, Planet Earth. She and all the life she bears is the closest thing to perfection we will ever encounter, yet we destroy her as if she had no worth. We owe her everything.