The unequaled, original, round, ready-to-use footings
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The Archers Review write up

Now you can fix those broken arrows with Reparrow footings

They fit the point taper perfectly

Instructions included. Just glue, sand, varnish and shoot.

Here's what Mysticguido says:
Both the cedar and the Cherry worked like a charm. Easier and better fit than using a piece of aluminum shaft to fix a broken tip on a wooden arrow. They take a hard hit and even made my stiff arrows fly way better.
I had to do very little sanding to blend to two together and I just used poly for a clear seal to show off the tips to anyone that looked at them. This helps to show how you can fix broken tips on woodies. ...

Your Product is a great one. You help bring new life to broken arrows and I want to Thank you for letting me test them for You. Also just to let you know I used one cedar on a cedar arrow and one cedar on a ash arrow. Both arrows were shot at a live tree w/blunt points to test how they would hold up. YES, the test was to see where they would break and that is what I was trying to do... Both arrows are now going with me to East Texas and will be used to try and take a hog.. THAT'S RIGHT.... They didn't break. They just bounced off the tree. I heated the point and took them off to check for damage... None, so now they sport 160 grn Snuffers.

Kim in New York says:
Jim -- I bought some reparrows from you in Feb. I used one on a broken cedar shaft that I had and it worked fine in my basement. I was just shooting a new bow outdoors at a distance of 16yds and shot the shaft (mistakenly) dead on into the granite wall of my house's foundation. It survived! Great product!