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Speed Traps will be added as this site grows so check back often and find
out were speed traps are in your area before you get hit with a speeding ticket.
Speeding Tickets, Speed traps, Speed Trap, Speeding,

We will update and add to this page weekly.
Alabama California Colorado Florida Georgia New York Texas Washington
We will add more states as you let us know were those speed traps are located.


31 Hwy.
Hanceville. City limit to city limit are using radar daily. Marked and unmarked cars are being used.

Exit 66. A few miles before & after exit 66. Trees are providing they're cover as they hit you with laser.

60 US
Old Hwy.
East Bound. You won't see them around the corner intill your on top of them. Slow down before you get there. Radar detectors are helpful. However laser is being used as well and once your shot your got!

Mile marker 141.8 between the lanes

Cullman. Always Bears in the area. Seem to be using radar. Always someone pulled over.

Hwy. 78
Dora. From the weigh station to Jasper for aprox 5 miles. Patrolled very heavy. Radar is used Daily.

150-153 mile marker. Often police are in this area.

Mobile Bay. Heading east on I-10 on the long bridge cops have a speed trap waiting for you at the end. Radar, Laser, and a Bear in the Air.



Benton. Behind a bridge when approaching the city limits. Radar and a eye in the sky.

Hickory Square. 1-2 miles before. Watch the on/off ramps.

Littlerock. East bound at the city limits.



Hwy 12.
Between Fairchild and Interstate 5. Detection type is unknown. 

23 Fwy
After the sunset hills off ramp police hide at night behind a large bush. They are zapping with radar.

Hwy 49
Feeder Roads between 4 and 108. State Patrol the barracks in San Andreas. Like ants on a hill they're in and out. Favorite places for speed traps are outside of towns before the restricted speed limit ends.

71 Hwy.
Chino Hills. There waiting at the on ramp. You won't see them intill you pass. Detection type radar.

101 Hwy.
Kingcity. Heading north south of pacing. Detection type unknown.

101 Hwy.
Tamipalis. 101 S before the Tamipalis exit. Be careful the fuzz are on both the on and off ramps. Detection Type Unknown. I don't want to know.

101 Hwy.
Los Alamos. North and south of Los Alamos. Cops have many hiding spots and are here very often. They are using aircraft as well as radar and laser. Your jammer won't help with the eye in the sky.

110 Freeway
Southbound between the harbor area and the 405 Freeway. CHP station is located in this area, use caution. Detection type unknown.

111 Hwy.
Frank sinatra Dr. to Bob Hope Dr.
This is a very dangerous area. Use caution everywhere. There are always people getting shafted with tickets.

126 Hwy.
Fillmore. From I5 to the 101. All along this hwy. police can be seen. Radar seems to be what they're using.

405 Freeway
North and south between Victory and Nordoff. Detection type unknown.

La Palma Blvd.
Between Weir Canyon Road and Imperial. Mostly Mornings and afternoon. Police are often hiding in hidden driveways. Detection type unknown.

Harbor Blvd. North of 5. Intersection of South & Harbor. Motorcycle cop. Detection type unknown.

Katella Blvd. Between Fwy 5 & State Collage Blvd. Both Directions to Stadium or Disneyland. Cops on bikes hide at Gas Station. Detection type Radar & Laser.

Beverly Hills
Cannon Drive. Between Santamonica Blvd. and Sunset. Detection Type Radar.


6 Hwy.
Palisade. Radar is being used on the hwy. Both directions coming and leaving. Reported harassment at a all time high.

50 Hwy.
Grand Junction. 15 miles south of Grand Junction the State Patrol has been using air craft to issue violations.

56 Hwy.
Pueblo West. Watch out for the eye in the sky. Tickets are being passed out for following to close as well as speeding. Detection used aircraft.

Golden to Denver. Police will be found daily at the overpasses. They are working in teams of two. Laser speed detection is used. Keep in mind a laser detector will only help if they shoot the guy in front of you first. Laser Jammers are helpful here.

Colorado Springs
Woodman Rd. Between Academy & Union Blvd. The speed limit down the hill is slow. The cops hide behind the trees. Radar is being used.

Federal Heights
92nd Av. We have heard of people getting tickets for 4 mph over and less. Don't push it here.

Fort Collins.
Collage Ave. Photo Radar is used very heavily all over. Anti-Photo plate covers come in good.


Exits 20,21,22. East and West. This stretch of Interstate provides the patrol cars with good hiding spots. Speed traps are everywhere.

Milton. Cops sit in the rest area hiding with the trucks. Radar is being used with aircraft on the weekends.

Florida Turnpike Overpass. They're hiding, there waiting, they are very common.

19 US
Dixie County.
Preferred spots are at all bridges. Bears are working in pairs. Beware.

85 Hwy.
Heavy patrol all over 85.

34th St. 4700 block. Sometimes police cars set traps. This street is easy to speed on.

Datona Beach Shores
Atlantic Ave.
Very heavy patrol in this area. They are driving sport utility trucks making them hard to see. Radar is used and Pacing is very popular. Watch out with pacing some don't even have a radar gun.

Golf Breeze. More police per capita than any city in the U.S. Need we say more.

I-295. At the I-95 exit. FHP sets up on I-295 at the junction and clocks cars exiting north onto I-95 by radar. The speed drops from 65 to 55. Slow down. Patrol cars are there daily.

Pembroek Pines
Sheridan St. between 100 Ave. and196 Ave. Patrol cars will vary locations.


Hwy. 17
Towards S. Carolina on Hwy. 17. This is a very well known speed trap.

Hwy. 36
Woodland. Police are found at the bottom of the hill entering from east & west. We have been advised to avoid this town at all cost. Why? Lets just say that court is held in a old store. Need we say more.

Hwy. 85
Riverdale. Use caution both in and outbound. Radar Speed detection.

Hwy. 122
. Speed goes from 55 to 35 quickly. Police are around the corner as you enter town. Radar is the method of choice.

Hwy. 138
North & South. Radar is being used to patrol this hwy.

Hwy. 278
Watch out on the county lines.

Troopers are out there daily. Watch the exit 15 bridge.

Madison Exits.
Police are using Laser from the overpass and his pals are pulling them over.

West of Atlanta. GA State Patrol Headquarters are near exit 5. Many troopers are in this area.

Hwy 33. Between Valdosta and Moultrie. Local residence will even try to warn you with signs in there yards. K band radar is being used.


Coeur d' Alene. Ramsey Rd. Heading North you'll see a park to your left directly to your right are some old buildings near a dump, police are always hiding there. State Police are using laser, everybody else is using radar.



100 North & South. Same deal as above. Beware of the county Mounties, they love to get you.


Glenn Burnie. Retch Highway North. North of the 'Glenn Burnie Hill', just before and after the southbound 695 entrance ramp. Coming down the hill (North bond), you're a sitting duck. Laser.


Gov. Retch Highway & w. Ordinance road. Down this hill (East bound) there is a small curve to the left. Around the corner is a small area that the county Mounties like to sit at. Early morning / early afternoon mostly. It's just like laser tag.


Downtown Baltimore. Game Days - Football & Baseball. Don't even think of speeding anywhere near the stadiums out to about 3 miles. BPD will smack you good. Also there are cameras all over the downtown areas. On the sides/roofs of buildings, telephone posts, and street signs/lights. Anti-Photo License Plate Covers are very helpful.


175 -For four (4) lights North of Thunderhill Road there are cameras mounted at the stop lights. Run a red light, SMILE They just got your plate number. Expect some mail from the PD demanding some money. Bummer.


Hwy 169. Shakopee to Bloomington. North and South Bound. At a bypass with a speed limit of 65 mph but people drive between 75 and 85mph. This area is patrolled 24 hours.


45 mile marker going north. On the hill police are nabbing with radar and laser. They are parking in the median.

Exit 10. Just before this exit troopers are known to use laser hitting you from behind.

Exit 2 before the PA border. This overpass is used daily. Speed detection type unknown.

Exit 4 north. Police are using radar and laser.

Clifton Park. Vascar (eye in the sky) is being used between exits 8a & 9. Your detectors and Jammers won't help here. So be careful.

Just before 190 to Buffalo there is a overpass. Just before the overpass there is a trooper using radar daily.

Plymouth Ave.
Overpass. Troopers hide and use laser, by the time your detector goes off its to late.

Manands. The overpass is used as well as the U-turn. Police have been seen here at all hours of the night and day.


Wayne St
.A trap is set up routinely on w. Wayne St. opposite the cemetery next to side cut metro park. Speed limit is 25 but most do 40-50.

South Carolina

Hwy 501.
40 miles before Myrtyle Beach. Radar is used daily on the side of the road coming into town.


The area has its own police force which has its main revenue in moving violations. The police aim with radar up the hills. Cars gaining speed coming down this hilly area are ticketed daily. This area has its own court and I have not heard of anyone getting a ticket dropped.


Fish Trap.
West of Spokane. There is a eye in the sky. Beware on clear days.

5-20 miles east of Ritzville. There are rock plateau's that separate the lanes that police hide behind. Don't push it in this area. Laser is used at very close range. Friday and Saturday nights are guaranteed to have bears there. On those two nights I recommend keeping your speed incheck all the way to Spokane.

Radar is sometimes used by the exit ramp heading west.

George to Vantage.
Concert nights are the main times radar is used.

Police line up from time to time at the entrance ramp. They use a bear in the air.

8-0 miles before and after Cashmere. This is a training ground for the WSP. For years this is the heaviest speed trap I have ever seen. There is always at least one car pulled over day and night. How do they do it? What else but a eye in the sky.