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Brenda's Homepage
Making Candy For Fun & Profit

Hi! My name is Brenda. I make candy for fun and profit. This is not a get rich quick kind of thing. Just a fun way to make a make extra money from home. Read on and I'll tell you how you can get information on making candy for fun and profit. I have three children and one husband. LOL. I work outside the home part-time as an Independent Field Merchandiser and Mystery Shopper. My first passion is making candy to give away and sell.

I usually make anywhere between 20 to 25lbs. of it at Christmas alone. Most of that I give away. How can I afford this? Well, I sell some of it too. That usually pays for what I give away and then some. I usually make it four times a year, but you could make it anytime and sell it. Everyone loves chocolate. I make chocolates for my children's classes on Valentine's Easter, Halloween, and Christmas of course. You will be the Mother of all Mothers in your child's class. I have been making chocolates for over 15 years and I have now compiled all of that knowledge into a "How To Make Candy for Fun & Profit", information booklet.

I will give you detailed and easy instructions on how to start, where to find supplies, where to market your candies, recipes, and lots more.... If you have any questions, please e-mail me and put chocolate in the box. Or you may send a check or money order for $5.00 plus $1.00 S&H to:

Brenda Campbell
1562 McIlwain Road
Lancaster, SC 29720-1515
Phone: 803-289-6239
Fax: 803-289-6236


New & Improved Making Candy For Fun & Profit

More Instructions, Tips, How To, etc... plus whole new section on Personalized Candy Labels

***COMING SOON!!!***

I have also started a group list for Gifts From The Kitchen

If you would like to join us please go here

Here are some simple recipes that I hope you will enjoy.


Peanut Butter
Ritz Crackers
Chocolate for melting (white or milk)

Spread the peanut butter between two ritz crackers. Dip half of the cracker into the melted chocolate. Lay on waxes paper and put in the frig to set. (The freezer works well also.) Variations:
Color your white chocolate green and add peppermint flavoring. Dip one side in white chocolate and the other in milk chocolate.


Chocolate for melting (white or milk)
Melt the chocolate. Dip the entire pretzel into the chocolate. Using a fork, lift the pretzel up and let the excess chocolate drizzle off. Place onto waxed paper and place in the frig ot freezer to set.

Dip the pretzel into milk chocolate, after it's set drizzle with white chocolate.
Dip the pretzel into white chocolate, after it's set drizzle with milk chocolate.
Dip into milk chocolate, before it sets, sprinkle with crushed pieces of peppermint.
Using white chocolate, flavor the chocolate with lemon flavoring and color the chocolate yellow.
Using white chocolate, flavor the chocolate with peppermint and color the chocolate green.


8 oz. milk chocolate
8 oz. white chocolate
1/2 almonds

Melt both chocolates seperately. Line cookie sheet with waxed paper. Spread almonds over cookie sheet. Pour milk chocolate all over, then white chocolate. Using a knife swirl through the chocolate. Do not mix vigorously. Let set in frig for a few minutes. Break into pieces.


Popscicle sticks
Your favorite cookie recipe

Choose your favorite cookie recipe and prepare according to directions. Place a stick onto the cookie sheet. Drop a larger amount than usual onto the end of the stick. Bake according to directions. You now have a cookie on a stick. Individually wrap them with plastic wrap. Or you can make a bouquet with a clay pot and some styrofoam.

For coffee

White chocolate
Milk chocolate
Plastic spoons

Melt chocolate. Dip plastic spoons into chocolate almost to the handle. Place on waxed paper to set. After they are set, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and tie with curling ribbon or a gold twist tie.

Dip only in milk chocolate.
Dip only in white chocolate.
Dip in milk chocolate and before it sets sprinkle with crushed peppermint.
Flavor the chocolate before dipping.
Dip into milk chocolate, let set, then dip half way into white chocolate.

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