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Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
Journey Into the World of
Stage Hypnotist
Harrison Smith
The Southern Gentleman
and his
Hilarious, Fun-Filled

Announcing Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
The Southern Gentleman = High Entertainment Value!

ESP & Hypnotism Shows with

Harrison Smith

The Southern Gentleman

Hypnotism Shows Are Fun-Filled, Hilarious Entertainment!

You'll be spellbound with a unique, fun packed demonstration of the powers of Hypnotism, starring volunteers from your audience on stage with Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith, master of the art. This fast moving one hour show delights everyone without insult or embarrassment, and is ideally suited for corporate and similar entertainment, conventions, clubs, fairs and festivals.  Shows can be presented for non-English speaking audiences if an interpreter is provided.  Harrison travels nationally and internationally.

Hypnotism Shows Have High Entertainment Value!

Both audience and volunteers will value their experience as an event to remember. Comedy, drama, sound effects, music and dance! They're all there, in a wholesome, family atmosphere. True performance art featuring improvisational sketches and more, plus the humor and polished presentation of Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith, a professional's professional. Remember, the TIME of your life is as close as the phone....
Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer
Hypnosis and Hypnotism
 Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith performing a hilarious show routine 
with audience volunteers
Photo by Eduardo Patino, NYC
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith
performing a hilarious show routine with audience volunteers.

Promotional material and video available upon request
from the entertainment bureau or meeting planner
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Stage Hypnotist
Stage Hypnotist Harrison Smith with the Statler Brothers!
Photo taken during a taping of the Statler Brothers Show at TNN in Oct. 1997.
LtoR, Phil, Harold, Harrison, Jimmy, & Don.


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