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MWO Kenneth John Quann (Retired)


Canadian Forces Decoration II
Special Service Medal (Nato & Alert)
Queens Jubilee Medal
Canada 125 Medal
Canadian Forces Peacekeepers Medal
Multinational Force and Observers (Sinai) (MFO)

Ken's Service

1967/1969 - 3 Experimental Brigade Service Battalion, Camp Gagetown, NB - Transport Operator;

1969/1970 - 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, Fort Q'Appelle, Germany - Transport Operator;

1970/1972 - 4 Wing, Baden Sollingen, Germany, Aircraft Refuelling and Heavy Equipment Operator;

1974- 6 month tour of duty at Canadian Forces Station Alert, NWT; - Heavy Equipment OP

1972/1978 - CFB Ottawa (Uplands) - Bus and Heavy Equipment Operator - Promoted to MCpl, NCOi/c Heavy Cargo, Fleet Management and Central Despatch;

1978/1979 - Took voluntary from the CF and worked for Capital City Transport in Ottawa;

1979/1982 - Re-enroled in the CF and posted to Canadian Forces Station Sioux Lookout, ON. Equipment Operator, promoted again to MCpl , I/c Heavy Equipment;

1982/1986 - Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics - Instructor, MSE Op TQ 3 & 5, promoted to Sergeant, Team Sgt Basic Driver Training;

1986/1988 - Base Transportation, CFB Borden, ON - Chief Despatcher;

1988/1990 - Promoted to Warrant Officer - posted to CFS Sydney, NS as the Station Transportation Officer;

1990/1995 - 12 Wing Shearwater, NS - WO i/c General and Special Purpose vehicles;

1994- second 6 month tour of duty at CFS Alert - Transportation Officer

1995/1996 - CFB Esquimault, BC - WO i/c MSE Safety;

1996/1998 - Promoted to Master Warrant Officer and posted to Air Command HQ as the Fleet Manager;

1998 June - Posted to the Multinational Force and Observers, Sinai, Egypt, - Fleet Manager;

1998 Dec -- Requested repatriation to Canada and release from the CF.

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