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MWO Robert Thomas Quann

Bob's Medals (Click to view)

Special Service Medal

Bob is presently serving in CFB Esquimalt
During his career he has served in:

Military History

Enrolled in CF in Sydney, NS 02 Feb 72 as Comm Research (291).
Posted to CFRS Cornwallis on 25 Feb 72 to commence recruit training.
Posted to CFS Gloucester on 01 May 72.
The school closed and I was posted to CFSCE Kingston on 01 Nov 72. Applied for remuster to Admin Clk and was posted to CFSAL Borden on 30 Mar 73.
Completed TQ 3 training and was posted to HS-50 Squadron, Shearwater, on 30 Jun 73. This Squadron later split and I joined HS-443 Squadron on 25 Aug 73.
I was promoted to Cpl on 25 Aug 75.
On 20 Dec 76 I was posted to HMCS SAGUENAY in Halifax.
On 23 Dec 1978 I was married to my lovely wife, Margaret.
On 11 Dec 78 I was posted to CFTSHQ in Trenton where I remained until 22 Jun 83.
I was promoted to MCpl on 02 Jan 80.
On 23 Jun 83 I was posted to HMCS IROQUOIS in Halifax.
On 08 Jul 85 I was posted to CFB Toronto employed in the Base Tpt Orderly Room.
On 01 Aug 86 I was promoted to Sgt and posted to 23 (HAMILTON) Service Battalion.
In Dec 88 I was officially told I won the Admin Clk lottery by being selected for a three year tour in Canberra Australia.
On 21 Jul 89 we were posted to the Canadian High Commission in Canberra Australia where the family had an amazing three year experience.
On 08 Jul 92 we were returned to Canada and I was posted to CFRC Toronto.
I remained there for three years and was promoted to WO on 28 Jun 95 and was posted to HMCS YORK in Toronto
In Aug 1998 I was posted to LFCA HQ in Toronto as the G1 Comp and Benifits WO
In Aug 2002 I was posted to the Release Section at CFB Esquimalt, Victoria BC, where I am still posted.

update - Bob was promoted to MWO and made the BOR Supvisor this year, 2004. Congratulations Bob.

On 25 Feb 05 I will have completed 33 consecutive years service.

A proud father with his daughter Krista.
Krista is serving in CFB Esquimalt on the Vancouver.
Here is a more recent picture of Dad and Daughter.

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