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Maureen(nee Quann) and Paul Demers (RIP)

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Photo's of Maureen early on and Paul(deceased) with his parents in 1995

Maureen's years of service as a Dental Tech were short, as she had to
decide between a posting to Germany or marrying Paul and going to CFB Petawawa.
Go figure, she chose the cute tall guy:

During her three years of service she was posted to the fol locations:

Cornwallis NS - 1979
Ottawa ON - 1979
CFB Borden ON - 1980 and
Trenton ON - 1980 - 1982

Maureen was released in 1982 and attended Algonquin College in Pembrooke
and became a registered nurse in 1986. Maureen worked at Montreal
General Hospital, went to U of Dalhousie and obtained her
Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1994, and worked as a VON
during their years in NS. She followed Paul through his
Military Career.

Paul was posted as fols:
CFB Toronto ON - 1978
CFB Chilliwack BC - 1979
CFB Trenton ON - 1980 (Note, during 1978 -1982 he obtained his degree in Dentistry)
CFB Borden ON -1981
CFB Petawawa, Airborne Regt - 1982
McGill University Montreal PQ - 1985 (to become a Dental Surgeon)
CFB Halifax Base Hospintal - 1990
USNS Mercy Persian Gulf War 1990 - 1991
CFB Shearwater Demtal DC 1991
Staff College, Toronto, 1994
Ottawa ON, 1995
Civilian Life 1997

Moved to Sarnia ON, set up a civilian practice, while Maureen works
at the Childrens Hsopital of Eastern ON, and Camp Trillium, a camp for
kids with cancer and their families.

Maureen figures just like her Mom, and the rest
of the Quann wives she continued serving the military by
keeping the home fires burning as her man travelled the world.

Unfortunately Paul passed away on 11 April 2003
Paul's grandfather served in WWI from 1915-1919 (pretty much the
whole war) with the Nova Scotia Highlanders. Paul knew little about
his granddad as he died from the effects of mustard gas before
Paul was born.

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