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Please send AC minibike jpg. pictures to ACCA to add to this page...thanks!


This fine piece of Arctic history is now FOR SALE...notice that it just won best of show in the tough original motorcycle can buy the bike but I'm keeping the trophy :) Transaction by e-mail first as I am in and out...two rules:cash and no dreamers/tire kickers. You make me an offer I can't refuse. Pics probably say it all-this is not on E-Bay....YET!!! ACCA members get first shot!


* SSSCat I 2200-001, 002 Sachs 50 AMAX owned by Earl Bassett


SSSCatII 2250-001 project (Tecumseh 4 hp) owned by Earl Bassett (parts needed: any chrome parts except fenders, front drive clutch, clutch guard assembly or any parts bikes)



Climber pictures compliments of Guy Foster-IMBA


1971 Screamer-compliments of Jeff Mihalko

* Whisker 2328-001 Sachs

* Prowler 2325-001 Sachs


1972 Whisker J2301-compliments of Jeff Mihalko

1972 Climber compliments of Lance Rieds/minidoodle minibike webpage

1972 Ramrod J2302- compliments of Guy Foster-IMBA




More pics from Jeff M.

1970 SSSCAT with optional saddle bags

1970 SSSCAT, 1971 Prowler, 1971 Screamer, and a new, never assembled, in the box, 1972 Whisker

A ** B

A) Another pic of the '72 Whisker box

B) 1971 Prowler


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