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Arctic Cat Club of America Information

The PURPOSE: dedicated to the preservation and resources of all Arctic Cats 1962-81

Available to members only:

  • Production numbers
  • Memorabilia
  • Decals
  • Etc.


    One free video, manual, or brochure with each new membership, or renewal ($10 value)

    Cat Paws Newsletter- mailed to you with classifieds, and out of print collectible information. Example Vol 1, No.1 included Drive Belt Specifications, Drive Belt Applications, and Drive/Driven Clutch center-to-center specs.

    Advertising an item, or a sled, or searching for info on our website is currently available. The website has generated 8,000 visitors a month!

    Ability to link to members.

    Reproduction parts (decals, hoods, pans, seats, pipes, etc.)

    Manual library

    The FUTURE:

  • Membership card (coming soon)

  • Arctic Cat representation at shows

  • Arctic Cat only shows

  • Patch

  • Memorabilia

  • List of parts yards

  • and who knows...many ideas are in the works.

    The COST: membership is $15... the price most pay for a recoil.

    All the money will be set aside and as a non-profit organization, the spending of the money will be done strictly with the approval of the members. Currently access to this site is free, membership will secure your access in the future.

    The club will also be seeking sponsorship from various organizations.

    Also...don't give out the secret to getting to the members only section...that would NOT be good. By joining, you commit to dues of $15 annually and you become part of a group of Arctic Cat fans with all the privileges of membership.


    Send dues of $15 in cash, check or money order to :



    c/o Paul Wustrack

    P.O.Box 528

    Rosendale, WI, 54974-0528


    NOTE: Please, make checks and money orders payable to "Paul Wustrack", not ACCA.

    My bank does not want to cash them if they are made out to the ACCA. Also, please put "ACCA" on the memo line.


    Paul W. / ACCA


    Also include your personal info (it will NOT be posted on the site): name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Thanks.


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