A Glossary of Persons, Places, and Things in the Saga of Prescot of Antares
References to the previous Scorpio books are given by Volume number.
This is partial glossary only including the first 4 volumes.
Additional entries will follow, and we appreciate your submissions.

Aduimbrev: A province of Vallia, of which Vektor was Kov,
Aighos: A chieftain of the Blue Mountain Boys, nicknamed Korf.
Akhram: A castle and observatory at the eastern end of the Grand Canal in which the Todalpheme of Akhram carry on their work.
Angia, Kotera: Mother of Anko the Chisel.
Anko the Chisel: Cabinet-maker rescued from the bagnio in Vondium,
Aph, River: Great river down which Prescot sailed on his first visit to Kregen (1).
Aphrasoe: The Swinging City. Built among giant plantforms in a lake on the River Aph and inhabited by the Savanti (1).
aragorn: Mercenary reavers and slavers.
Archbold: A leader of any of the Orders of Chivalry dedicated to Zair.
argenter: An oceangoing ship of Pandahem, broad and comfortable.
Arkasson: A city in the Hostile Territories.
Arkhebi, Hikdar: Captain of Katrin Rashumin's airboat.
Armipand: One of the devils in the pantheon of Pandahem.
Askinard: A land famed for its spices.
Atvar, Ark: A Jiktar of the Clan of Felschraung.

balass: A wood similar to ebony, from which is made the balass stick, the title of authority of the petty overseers of the workers of Magdag.
Bargom: Young Bargom, son of Old Bargom, a Valkan, proprietor of The Rose of Valka, an inn and posting house in Vondium.
barynth: A large  monster of great sinuousness and length, a hideous head, and four forward-grasping limbs,
beng: A saint.
benga: A female saint.
Benga Deste: Hot springs and a place of pilgrimage in West Segesthes.
Beng-Kishi: These famous bells are said to ring in the skull of anyone hit on the head. This happens frequently on Kregen.
Berran: The Vadvar of Rifuji, an estate in Vallia.
Black Chunkrah, By the: A clansman's oath.
Black Mountains: A range of lesser heights extending northward from the Blue Mountains.
bloin: A cultivated crop plant with a tall brittle green stem from which the fruits hang like golden bells.
Bloody Menahem, The: Name given by the Tomboramin to their neighbors of Menaham on Pandahem.
Blue Mountain Boys: Ruffians, bandits, mountain men, dedicated to Delia, the Princess Majestrix.
Blue Mountains: A small though lofty amphitheater-shaped mass of mountains in Western Vallia. The foothills and plain forming part of the province are famous for zorcamen and zorca-breeding. Delia's inheritance.
bokkertu: Legal business.
Bold: A Krozair Brother, generally one serving permently in any of the fortresses of the Orders.
Borg, Ven, nal Ogier: A canalman of Vallia.
Bormark: A Kovnate on the western border of Tomboram,
bosk: A smaller form of vosk, a specialty of Valka.
Bowmen of Loh, The: A notorious song.
box: Small spined animal of the Segesthan plains.
Brokelsh: A squat-bodied people with much black bristle body hair.
bur: The Kregan hour, approximately forty Terrestrial minutes,

calsany: A beast of burden.
Can-thirda: Large island to the east of Vallia .
Canticles of the Rose City, The: A myth-cycle at least three thousand years old concerning a half-legendary, half-historical man-god named Drak.
Careless Repose: Renders' hideout in the Hoboling Islands.
cham: A juicy rubbery fruit much chewed by workers.
chanks: Sharks of the inner sea.
Chem: The central tropical rain forests of Loh.
chemzite: A precious stone of great value.
Chersonang: A city of the Hostile Territories in opposition   to Hiclantung.
Cherwangtung: Area of the Hostile Territories from which nocturnal primitives raid.
Chuktar: Commander of ten thousand. Military ranks have become nonspecific on Kregen now and do not denote the actual number of men commanded. There are many and various subdivisions of the four main ranks.
Chuliks: An extremely fierce and manlike race of people with oily yellow skin, the head shaved so as to leave a long pigtail, two three-inch-long tusks thrusting upward from the corners of the cruel mouth, and round black eyes. The training of the males from birth is designed to produce high quality mercenary soldiers; they are employed all over Kregen and they generally command higher fees than other races.
chunkrah: A very large  cattle  animal,  deep-chested, horned, fierce, with a russet coat, the mainstay of the clansmen of Segesthes.
cleriketer: Leather harness attaching the rider to impiters or corths or other dying birds or animals of Turismond
Company of Friends: Organizations of nobles and businessmen for trade in Vallia.
corth: Large saddle bird, splendidly marked in a variety of colors.
cramph: Term of abuse.
crested-korf: Large iridescent-blue-feathered bird of the Blue Mountains.
crofermen: Men-beasts, savage, untamed, cruel, and suspicious  ,  inhabiting  the  outer  portions  of  The Stratemsk .
Cyphren Sea: The sea separating Turismond from Loh.

Dam of Days: Colossal dam controlling the tides through the strait connecting the Eye of the World with the outer ocean.
Dancing Talu: A narrow boat owned by Ven Yelker nal Ogier.
Dean, Geoffrey: Recipient of The Tapes from Africa from Dan Fraser, passing them on to A.B.A.
Deldar: Commander of ten. The petty officers in charge of the drum, whips, and helm aboard ship cam commonly hold this rank.
Delia: Princess Majestrix of Vallia, Delia of the Blue Mountains, Delia of Delphond.
Delian Cycle, The: The first five books of the Saga of Prescot of Antares.
Delka Dwa: A one-time fortress town of Vindelka on the border of the Ocher Limits.
Dellra Ob: Capital of the Kovnate province of Vindelka in Vallia.
Delphond: A province of Vallia situated on the southern coast, a rich, lazy, carefree, happy land. Dedicated   to Delia,
dhem: Silver coin of Pandahem.
Diproo the Nimble-fingered, By: A thieves' oath.
dom: Kregish equivalent of English "mate" or American "pal."
Donengil; Coastal lands and islands of South Turismond.
dopa: A fiendish drink guaranteed to make a man fighting drunk.
Doty: Name of a personage or spirit used in: invective by the aragorn and slave-masters of Vallia.
Dragon's Bones, The: A giant crater in the Ocher Limits filled with fossilized risslaca and mammal bones where Prescot was created Prince Majister of Vallia.
Drak: Name used on occasion by Dray Prescot.
Drak's Seat: Mountain peak in the form of a throne to the northeast of Vondium.
drin: Suffix in Kregish denoting "land."
dromviler: Vessel of the inner sea propelled partly by sail and partly by oar. used mainly by the Sorzarts..
dwa: two.
dwabur: Measurement  of length,  approximately  five miles.
dwbrs: Abbreviation of dwaburs.

Eling, Pallan: Minister (Secretary) of State of Vallia responsible for the canals.
Empire of Loh: More properly, the Empire of Walfarg. Empire carved out by Walfarg taking in all of Loh, Pandahem, Eastern Turismond, the Hoboling Islands, and other areas. Now completely fallen, although there are traces left in various countries --roads, religions, culture, fashions.
Encar of the Fields: Elder, appointed by Prescot, in Vallia  responsible for agriculture.
Erdgar the Shipwright: Elder, appointed by Prescot, in Vallia responsible for dockyards and shipping.
Erithor of Valkanium: A bard and song-maker of Valka held in high renown throughout Vallia.
Erthyrdrin: Land of mountains and valleys in the northernmost tip of Loh, fame for its Bowmen, the finest of Loh. Birthplace of Seg Segutorio.
Erthyr the Bow: The Supreme Being of Erthyrdrin.
Erstveheim, High Kov of: Councilor of the Presidio of Vallia.
Esser Rarioch: The high fortress overlooking Valkanium.
Esztercari: A noble  house  of  Zenicce.  Cydones  was Prince of the House of Esztercari during Prescot's sojourn there (1).
Everoinye: The Star Lords.
Evir: Northernmost province of Vallia.
Eward: A noble house of Zenicce. Wanek was Prince of the House of Eward during Prescot's sojourn there (1).
Eye of the World: The inner sea of the continent of Turismond.

Falinur: A Kovnate province of Vallia.
fallimy: A little blue flower made into a paste to scour cisterns clean. Applied as a poultice to Prescot's chest by Thelda (3).
Farris, Lord of Vomansoir: A Chuktar in the Villain Air Service.
Fatal Love of Vela no Valka, The: A music drama known over most of Kregen.
Faygar, Strom of Vorgan: A member of the Racter party, owning allegiance to the Kov of Vomansoir. In his Stromnate Prescot first saw the headless zorcamen.
Felschraung: A clan of nomads roving the Great Plains of Segesthes. Prescot took obi of them and rose to be Zorcander (1).
Felteraz: A harbor, town, fortress, and estate a few dwaburs burs east of Sanurkazz. A spot of exceptional beauty. Home of Mayfwy.
Fetching of Drak no Valka, The: Song made by Erithor of Valkanium commemorating Prescot's fetching freedom to Valka, by fetching the people to resist, and of their fetching of him, as Drak, to be their Strom. Runs to seven hundred and seventy-eight Stanzas .
Flahi: An island group off the coast of Eastern Turismond.
Flahians: People of remarkable physical structure living on Flahi.
flick-flick: A plant with orange cone-shaped flowers and six-foot-long tendrils expert at fly-catching; kept in Kregan houses and kitchens for that purpose.
Foke the Ob-handed: A render who perpetrated atrocities   in Valka.
Forpacheng: A treacherous councilor of Hiclantung who sold out to Umgar Stro (3).
Fraser, Dan: In West Africa he afforded Prescot the op opportunity to tell his story, resulting in The Tapes from Africa.
Fristle: Purred and bewhiskered cat-people,  fierce  and treacherous, often employed as mercenaries. Their racial weapon is the scimitar.
Furtway, Naghan, Kov of Falinur: A great lord of Vallia, rescued by Prescot from the Mountains of the North on orders from the Star Lords.
Fwymay: Daughter of Zorg and Mayfwy of Felteraz.

Gansk: A city of the northern shore of the inner sea.
Gdoinye: A giant scarlet and gold raptor, messenger and spy of the Star Lords.
Genal the Ice: An iceman of the Mountains of the North.
Genodras: The green sun of Antares.
Glittering  Caves: Quarries  and  catacombs  in  jeweled mountains just outside Arkasson (4).
Gloag: A Mehzta, slave of the Esztercaris, freed by Prescot to become a good comrade (1).
Glycas: A prince of Magdag (2).
Goforeng: A fortress city of the green north coast of the inner sea.
Golda: A great lady of Aphrasoe (1).
Gons: A race who, ashamed of their white hair, habitually shave their heads bald.
Grace of Grodno: A swifter of Magdag (2).
graint: A stubborn beast resembling a bear, but with eight legs and crocodile-like jaws extending for over eighteen inches.
Grakki-Grodno: Magdaggian sky-god of draft beasts.
Grand Archbold: Spiritual and temporal head of the Krozairs of Zy.
Grand Canal: Five miles wide, connects the inner sea with the outer oceans.
Great Northern Cut: A main canal of Vallia beginning in Vondium.
Great River: The major river of Vallia, winding from the Mountains of the North to the south coast where stands Vondium! Also known as Mother of Waters, and She of Fecundity.
green sun: Besides Genodras it has many thousands of names; Kokimur, Ry-ufraison, He of the Green Spear, Havil, are four.
gregarians: A Kregan fruit.
grint: A small creature like a six-legged opossum of the Owlarh Waste.
Grodno: The green-sun deity.
Grodno-Gasta: A blasphemously insulting epithet used against the people of Grodno.
grundal: Rock-ape of the inner sea, with six spiderish limbs, gray pelt; large mouth closing in folds of flesh, opening to a round, and armed with concentric   rows of needle-like teeth. Vicious, cowardly, and deadly when hunting in packs.
Gurush of the Bottomless Marsh, By: A canalman's oath.
Gyphimedes: The immortal mistress of the beloved of Grodno.

halflings: General term for the beast-men, man-beasts of Kregen.
Hall na Priags: A sacred chamber within one of the colossal megaliths of Magdag (2).
Happy Swinging: Parting salutation in Aphrasoe. ,
Harfnars: Half-men of Chersonang with flat noses across their faces wide as their lips, brilliant lemur-like eyes, squared-off chins and foreheads. Hereditary foemen of Hiclantung, they are well-armed and armored after the decadent fashion of Loh.
Havilfar: A continent of Kregen.
Havilfar Cycle, The: The second cycle in the Saga of Prescot of Antares.
Havilfarese: The people of any nation of Havilfar.
Heart Heights: Mountains and massif central in the center of Valka.
hibisum flour: Used in the Blue Mountains for baking ponsho tender.
Hiclantung: A city of the Hostile Territories ruled by Queen Lilah.
High Zorcady: Capital of the province of the Blue Mountains in Vallia
Hikdar: Commander of a hundred.
Hlabro, Mount: A peak in Erthyrdrin.
Hlo-Hli: A spirit of Loh, appealed to and sworn by.
Hobolings: A race very squat of body and long of arm and leg, excellent topmen, inhabitants of the Hoboling Islands.
Hoboling Islands: Chain of islands stretching from Erthyrdrin drin to Northwest Pandahem off the northeast coast of Loh, Hostile Territories: Area of central East Turismond between The Stratemsk and the Klackadrin, cut off from the outside world since the collapse of the Empire of Loh.
Hrunchuk: Idol in the temple gardens across the forbidden canal in Zenicce. Has three enormously valuable eyes .
humespack: Cloth used for clothing.
Hunter, Alex: Earthman sent by the Savanti on a mission   to Valka.
Hurtado, Don, de Oquendo: Spaniard who taught Prescot rapier fighting.

ib: Spirit of the dead.
Ice Flees of Sicce: One of the versions of a Kregan hell.
impiter: Gigantic coal-black flying animal of Turismond, the mainstay of various races' aerial cavalry, as a saddle animal.
Inch: From Ng'groga. Seven feet tall, extraordinarily thin, with long fair hair. Wields an ax of the Saxon pattern Obsessed with his taboos, A good comrade to Prescot.
Invisible Twins: see Opaz.
Isteria: Small island a comfortable day's pull from Sanurkazz.
Jenbar, Tyr: Nephew to Naghan Furtway, Kov of Falinur.
Jeniu: Old panval shipwrecked in Valka on the way to Penal islands.
Jholaix: Nation in the northeast of Pandahem famed for her wines.
Jikai!: A word of complex meaning; used in different forms means: ‘’Kill" 'Warrior." A noble feat of arms." "Bravo!" Many other related concepts to do with honor, pride, and warrior status.
Jikaida: A board game combining chess, checkers, and Halma-like moves on a checkerboard of a rectangular shape: a war-game.
jikaider: To flog crisscross.
Jiktar: Commander of a thousand.

kalasbrune: A building material of great value.
king korf: Larger than the crested-korf, found in Erthyrdrin; its feathers are prized for fletching.
Klackadrin: A long narrow fault in the crust of Kregen running from the Boiling Sea in the north to the Lesser Stratemsk in the south of Eastern Turismond. Gives off hallucinogenic gases.
kleesh: Violently unpleasant, repulsive, stinking-an insult.
knuckle: Approximately 4.2 inches.
Kodifex: Leader of the Assembly in Zenicce, elected from among the Princes and the chiefs of the Houses of Zenicce.
Korer, Captain: Captain of a Valkan galleon.
Koter: A Vallian gentleman. Kr. is the abbreviation.
Kotera: A Vallian lady. Kta. is the abbreviated form.
Kothmir: Once a part of the Empire of Loh.
Kov: Title of Kregan nobility, approximating to duke."
Kovneva: Duchess.
Kovnate: An estate or province of a Kov.
Kovno, Rov: A Jiktar Of the clan of Longuelm (1).
Kregen: Planet circling Antares. Kregan is the adjective. Kregish is the language in universal use. There are many local tongues.
Krozair: Member of an Order dedicated to Zair, Krz. Abbreviation for Krozair.
Krzy. Abbreviation for the Krozairs of Zy.
Kutven: Leader of the Vens of the canalfolk.

Lahal: Universal greeting for friend or acquaintance.
Larghos, Nath, Trylon of the Black Mountains: A Vallian nobleman.

Lashenda: Once a part of the Empire of Loh.
laypom: Fruit like a peach of a pale subtle yellow color, exquisite,
Leem: A feral beast found in one form or another over most of Kregen, Eight-legged, it is furred, feline, and vicious, with a wedge-shaped head armed with fangs that can strike through oak. It is weasel-shaped but leopard-sized. Its paws can smash a man's head. There are various forms, as sea-leem, snow-leem, marsh-leem, desert-leem, and mountain- leem, suitably camouflage-colored.
leepitix: A reptilian twelve-legged wriggler about a foot long infesting the canals. Has a nasty bite but can be frightened off by splashing.
lenk: A very hard wood similar to oak, Lesser Stratemsk: Spur of The Stratemsk running due east to the coast of Eastern Turismond opposite Flahi.
lesten: A high-class hide used for belts, moneybags, etc.
Likshu the Treacherous: A Chulik divine spirit appealed to and sworn by.
Lilac Bird: Swifter commanded by Pur Zenkiren (2).
Lilah: Queen of Hiclantung (3).
ling: Animal as large as a collie dog with six legs, and claws it can extend to four inches in length and open a rip in chunkrah hide. Lives among the bushes and rocks of the small prairie of Segesthes. Possesses a magnificent lightweight, long and silky white fur,
Llahal: Universal greeting for stranger.
Loder, Hap: Was Jiktar of the Clan of Felschraung when he gave obi to Prescot. Appointed Zorcander in Prescot's absence but remains intensely loyal and devoted to Prescot A good comrade (1).
Loguetter cheese: A first-quality cheese.
Loh: A continent of Kregen.
Loku: A Hikdar of the Clan of Felschraung (1),
Lome: A nation in the northwest of Pandahem.
longsword, the Krozair: A perfectly balanced two-handed longsword with wide-spaced handgrips, able to be used one-handed, subject of rigorous and demanding training and mystical exercises. A terrible weapon of destruction.
Longuelm: A clan of the Great Plains of Segesthes, allied with the Clan of Felschraung under Prescot as Zorcander  .
loomins: Mauve and white flowers.
Lord of Strombor: Dray Prescot.
Lorenztone: A Vallian Air Service flier.
lupu: A trance state induced by the Wizards of Loh.
lurfing: Low-bellied, lean-flanked, gray-furred scavengers of the plains with probing snoutlike faces.
Lu-si-Yuong: A Wizard of Loh (3).

ma faril: Translates out as "my dear."
magbird: Black carrion-eating bird of Magdag.
Magdag: Chief city of Grodno on the northern shore of the inner sea.
Maiden with the Many Smiles: The largest of Kregen's seven moons.
main-gauche: The left-banded dagger is often called the Hikdar.
Makki-Grodno: The base for a large and colorful variety of obscene oaths used by the followers of Zair.
Makku-Grodno: An evil spirit of Magdag.
Malar Marshes: Marshy area of Erthyrdrin.
Marble Quarries of Zenicce: It was in the infamous Black Marble Quarries that Prescot labored as a slave (1T).
Marlimor: A reasonably civilized city famed for beautiful legends.
Marshes of Buranaccl: Swampy area to the north of the Hostile Territories.
Marsilus, Marker: Son of the Kov of Bormark, husband of Tilda and father of Pando. Died as a soldier in East Turismond.
Marsilus, Murlock: Nephew of the Kov of Bormark, usurped the Kovnate.
mashcere: Material used for awnings.
Maspero: A citizen of Aphrasoe, one of the Savanti, Prescot’s cot's Tutor (1).
Mayfwy: Widow of Zorg. Lively and beautiful, the great lady of Felteraz (2).
Mazak, Pur, Lord of Frentozz: A Krozair of Zy and swifter   captain (3).
Mehzta: One of the Nine Islands. Lies off the east coast of Segesthes.
Mehztas: A race of very strong people with bristle bulletheads, heavy muscles, thick dun-colored hides, and short sinewy legs. Inhabitants of Mehzta.
Memis: A province of Tomboram.
Men of the Sunrise: An ancient people of whom now only their monuments remain, constructors of the Dam of Days and the Grand Canal. Also referred to as the Men of the Sunset.
Menaham: Nation of central North Pandahem.
miscils: Tiny, fragile cakes that melt on the tongue.
missal: A tree with white and pink blossoms.
momolams: Small round yellow tubers eaten with roast ponsho.
moon-blooms: Flowers with a double ring of petals, both opening during the day, and the outer at night when moons are in the sky.
moons: Kregen has seven moons. The largest, the Maiden with the Many Smiles, is almost twice the size of Earth's moon. The next two, the twins, revolve around each other. The fourth is She of the Veils. The three smallest moons hurtle rapidly across the sky close to the surface of Kregen,
morfangs: Monsters of the Hostile Territories, squat, ovoid, with two arched coat-hanger-like shoulders each sprouting five long whiplike tendrils, which, if cut off, grow into new monsters. Quasi-intelligent, quick, treacherous, and incredibly strong.
Mother Zinzu the Blessed, By: A favorite oath of the drinking classes of Sanurkazz.
Mountains of the North: The mountain range in the north of Vallia from which flows the Great River and much of the canal headwaters.
muldavy: Small boat of the inner sea, generally clinkerbuilt and with a dipping lug.
mur: The Kregan minute, fifty to a bur.
Murn-Chem: An area of western Loh.
muschafs: Cultivated bushes yielding crops.
mushk: A scented yellow plant used as a windbreak, attractive to bees.

na : "Of." Usually used to denote a person's land or province of origin. Sometimes rendered as nal.
nactrix: Close cousin of the sectrix.
Naghan the Paunch: An overseer of caravan guards be between Pa Mejab and Pa Weinob (4).
Natema: The Princess Natema Cydones of the Noble House of Esztercari of Zenicce. Married Prince Varden Wanek (T]r).
Nath: Sometimes Nath of Sanurkazz, sometimes Nath ti Zullia, from his birthplace. Oar-comrade to Prescot, Zorg, and Zolta. Son of an illiterate ponsho farmer. Big, a drinking man, intensely loyal to Prescot. Eventually a member of the Zimen.
Nath the Needle, Doctor: Gave medical attention to Prescot in Vondiurn.
Nath the Thief: Assisted the clansmen in Zenicce (1).
nathium: Precious metal used in trinkets and objects of art.
Nemo: King of Tomboram (4).
Nemo Zhantil Faril Opaz: A King's Swordship of Tomboram (4).
Ng'groga: Land in the southeast of Loh,
Ngrangi: Spirit of Ng'groga appealed to and sworn by.
Nicomeyn, Pallan: Councilor of State to King Nemo (4),
Nycresand: Islands off the east coast of Loh.

oars: Silver and copper coins of Magdag.
ob: One.
Ob-eye: A Blue Mountain Boy.
obi: Among the clansmen it is given and taken, at first meeting, with or without combat as necessary, to determine social order. Carries implications of responsibility for the taker as obligations of the giver.  Less violent systems occur elsewhere on Kregen.
obs: Copper coins. In Pandahem, eighty obs to a dhem.
Ocher Limits: Badlands northwest of Vindelka.
Ochs: A halfling people not above four feet tall, with six limbs, the central pair used indiscriminately as legs or arms. Lemon-shaped heads with puffy jaws and lolling chops. Found as mercenaries over most of Kregen.
Ogier Cut: An east-west canal system in Vallia.
Old Superb: Nickname given to Prescot's personal flag.
onker: Term of abuse.
Oolie Opaz: Words of a continuous hypnotic chant.
Opaz: Name given to the dual-spirit, the Invisible Twins, who are visibly represented in the sky by Zim and Genodras.
Overlords: The Overlords of Magdag, masters of the north shore of the inner sea (2).
Owlarh Waste: Eastern section of the Hostile Territories leading to the Klackadrin.

paline: Yellow cherrylike fruit with the taste of old port grows almost everywhere on Kregen. Sovereign cure for hangovers.
Pallan: Equates with Councilor, Minister, or Secretary of State.
Pa Mejab: Colonial port city of Tomboram in Eastern Turismond.
Pandahem: One of the Nine Islands, off the east coast of Loh. People known as Pandaheem.
Panderk: Bay and Islands of North Pandahem.
Pandrite: A beneficent spirit of Pandahem.
Pando: Son of Tilda the Beautiful, inheritor of title of Kov of Bormark (4).
Panifer, Paline: Young servant girl in Vondium.
Panvals: Vallian political party opposed to racters.
papishin: Leaves used as roof-coverings.
pappattu: Introduction.
Pass of Trampled Leaves: In Segesthes where Prescot's clansmen fired the wagons of their foemen (1).
Pattelonia: Chief city of Proconia.
Pa Weinob: Frontier town of Tomboram in Eastern Turismond.
Pela: Lady-in-waiting to Katrin Rashumin.
Perithia: An area inland at the eastern end of the inner sea.
Phokaym: Intelligent and cruel reptilian race of risslaca ancestry inhabiting area to the immediate west of the Klackadrin,
Plains of Mist: Happy Hunting Grounds of the clansmen.
Plicla: Rapa city of the Hostile Territories.
Pomdermam: Capital of Tomboram.
ponsho: Domesticated animal providing meat and wool.
ponsho-trag: A Kregan sheep dog.
Ponthieu: A House of Zenicce.
Pool of Baptism: in the River Zelph in Aphrasoe.
Port Marsilus: Port of Bormark.
Port Paros: Small port in Segesthes southeast of Zenicce.
Port Tavetus: Colonial city of Vallia in Eastern Turismond.
Pracek, Prince: Of Ponthieu, presumed to the hand of Delia (1).
Presidio: Government of Vallia under the Emperor.
preysany: A superior calsany used as a saddle animal.
Proconia: Land at the eastern end of the inner sea with people distinct from the north and south shore peel peoples.
Procul: A wine rich and dark red,
Prophet: Inspirational leader in the warrens of Magdag (1).
Pugnarses: overseer of the balass in the warrens of Magdag (1).
Pur: Not a rank or a title (although apparently used as such), a badge of chivalry and honor, a pledge that the holder is a true Krozair. Prefixed to the holder's name, as: Pur Dray.

Quanscott: Port of the Blue Mountains on the west coast of Vallia.
Queens of Pain: Infamous rulers of Loh.
Quest of Tyr Nath, The A rollicking tale of mythical adventure venture at least two thousand years old and known all over Kregen.

racter: Member of the most powerful political party in Vallia.
Rahartdrin: Island and Kovnate off the southwest coast of Vallia.
Rapa: Gray vulturine-headed halflings living over most of Kregen as slaves, workers, or mercenary guards, or in their own cities.
rapier: Often called the Jiktar. "A rapier to sharpen" equates with "an ax to grind."
rark: Powerful hunting dog of Segesthes.
rashoon: Sudden and violent local gale on the inner sea
Rashumin, Katrin: Kovneva of Rahartdrin.
rast: A disgusting six-legged rodent infesting dunghills.
Red Brethren of Lizz: A Fighting Order of Sanurkazz, devoted to Zair.
Relts: More gentle cousins of the Rapas.
Remberee: Universal salutation on parting.
Render: Pirate.
risslaca: Dinosaur.
River of Shining Spears: mows from the Blue Mountains into the Great River.
Rodway, Pallan: In charge of the Treasury of Vallia.
Rojica Passage: Channel between Vallia and Can-thirda.
Rose of Valka, The: An inn and posting house in Vondium.

sah-lah: Cultivated bush with pink and white sweet blossoms.
San: An ancient title for master, dominie, sage.
samphron: Cultivated bush, the fruits yielding oil.
Sanurkazz: Chief city of the men of Zair.
Savanti: Mortal but superhuman people of Aphrasoe.
Sea-Barynth: Huge serpentine monster with oval body, long dorsal fin, an immense head, and fang-filled mouth above two paddle-fins.
Sea of Marshes: Southerly extension of the inner sea past Sanurkazz.
Sea of Swords: Smaller extension of the inner sea past ZY.
sectrix: Six-legged saddle animal, blunt-headed, wicbedeyed, pricked of ear, slate-blue hide covered with scanty coarse hair.
Segesthes: A continent of Kregen.
Segutorio, Seg: Bowmen of Loh from Erthyrdrin. Ran away to be a mercenary. Intensely loyal to Prescot and a good comrade.
Selnix: Vad of Thadelm.
Shallan: Prescot's agent in Sanurkazz (2/3).
Shattered targes in Mount Hlabro, By all the: An Erthyr oath.
She of the Veils: Fourth moon of Kregen.
shorgortz: Giant reptilian monster with four eyes, in the Blue Mountains.
Shusha, Great-Aunt: The Lady' of Strombor, married into the Ewards, from whom Prescot received Strombor.
shush-chiff: Sarong-like garment worn by girls on holiday.
silver trumpets of Loh: Famed trumpets that led on the armies of Walfarg,
So: Three.
Sooten and her Twelve Suitors: Theatrical tragedy well known on Kregen.
Sorzarts: Lizard-men of a group of islands in northeastern inner sea.
Sosie: Wife of Ven Yelker nal Vomansoir, a canalwoman.
Sosie na Arkasson: Young lady rescued by Prescot in the Hostile Territories (4)..
Spitz: A Bowman of Loh (4).
squishes: Tiny and delicious fruit.
Stentors: 1. Chunkrah-horn blowers in swifters. 2. Spiral-brass-horn blowers  in Emperor's  canal boats .
Storr, Mount: Vineyards near Hiclantung.
Stovang, Hikdar: Vektor's officer in charge of wedding presents.
Star Lords: The Everoinye.
Stratemsk, The: Enormous mountain chain of Turismond.
strigicaw: Powerful  fast-running,  six-legged  carnivore, with striped foreparts and double-spotted rear, in red and brown.
Strigicaw: A zenzile swordship commanded by Prescot for Viridia (4).
Strom: Title of Kregan nobility approximating to "count."
Strombor: A noble House of Zenicce.
Strye: Island northwest of Zenicce which provides cheap grass for mastodons.
sturm: Wood of many uses on Kregen.
Stylor: Name given to Prescot in the warrens of Magdag (2),
Sunset Sea: Ocean stretching between Segesthes and Turismond,
Susheeng: Princess of Magdag. (2),
swifter: Multi-banked galley of the inner sea.
swingers: Platforms attached to plant tendrils used for transportation in Aphrasoe,
Swinging City: Aphrasoe.
Sword of Genodras: Magdaggian swifter captured by Prescot and Seg (3),
swordship: Single-banked, broadside-armed galleass of the Outer Oceans,
Swor3ship and Barynth, The: An inn of Therminsax;

talens: Gold coins of Vallia,
Talu: Eight-armed dancer (possibly mythical),
Ta'temsk: Guardian spirit of the inner sea,
taylynes: Pea-sized scarlet and orange vegetables. Good with vosk,
terchick: Throwing knife, often called the Deldar,
Thadelm: A province of Vallia northwest of Delphond,
Tharu of Vindelka: Kov sent by Delia to find Prescot on inner sea (2),
Tharu ti Valkanium: Leader of the high assembly of Valka,
Theirson: Koter of Valka who helped Prescot during his canal sickness,
Thelda: Lady-in-waiting to Delia (3).
Therminsax: Market town of central north Vallia,
Thisi the Fair: Wife to Theirson,
thorn-ivy: Unpleasant sharp-spined bush.
thyrrix: Nimble mountain-animal of Erthyrdrin,
ti:  "Of." Usually used to denote a person's town or city of origin.
tikos: Little green and brown lizards
Tilda:  Mother of Pando, ~A famous theatrical entertainer, known as Tilda the Beautiful or Tilda of the Many Veils (4)
Todalpheme: Astronomers and mathematicians.
Tom of Vulheim: Young Koter of Valka.
Tomboram: Nation of eastern North Pandahem.
toonon: Shortsword mounted on bamboo shaft, aerial weapon of Ullars.
Tremzo: A city of Zair.
Trylon: Title of Kregan nobility intermediate between Vad and Strom,
tuffa: A thin willowy tree.
Turismond: A continent of Kregen.
Tyr: Title equivalent to "Sir."

Ullardrin: Land of Northern Turismond,
Ullars: Barbarians from Ullardrin, with narrow-set eyes, square clamped mouths, blunt heads, hair dyed indigo. Whole tribes habitually travel by air astride saddle impiters,
Ullgishoa: Horrific monster belonging to Ullars (3),
Umgar Stro: Leader of U1Iars (3).
Undurkers: Supercilious race of canine-headed halfling archers.
Undurkor: Group of islands of southwest coast of Segesthes.
Upalion: A rich estate of Proconia. The Lady Pulvia and her son were rescued by Prescot on orders from the Star Lords (3),

Vad: Title of Kregan nobility intermediate between Kov and Trylon,
Valka: Island off the east coast of Can-thirda off Vallia,
Valkanium: Capital city of Valka.
Vallia: One of the Nine Islands situated between Segesthes and Loh.
Vandayha: City of Valka famed for its silversmiths.
Vangar ti Valkanium: A Deldar in the Vallian Air Service.
Vanki, Naghan: Lord of an island off Vallia.
Vaosh: Patron spirit of the canalfolk,
varter: Flat-trajectory ballista throwing rocks and darts.
Veiled Froyvil: Spirit appealed to and sworn by, of Erthyrdrin.
Vela's Tears: Strong red wine of southern Valka,
Vektor, Kov of Aduimbrev: Selected by the Emperor to marry Delia.
Ven: Courtesy title of canalmen. Feminine is Vena,
Venus: Swordship of Viridia's render maidens (4).
Viktrik: A clan of the Great Plains of Segesthes.
vilmy: Blue flower with silver heart-shape on each petal; the paste makes a soothing ointment.
Vindelka: Province and Kovnate northwest of Vondium.
Violet offal of the snow-blind feister-feelt, By the: A Ullar oath.
Viridia the Render: A lady pirate of the Hoboling Islands (4).
Vomansoir: Province and Kovnate of central Vallia.
Vomanus: Became Kov of Vindelka. Good comrade to Prescot (2).
Vomer the Vile, By: Oath of the slave-masters of Vallia.
Vondium: Capital of Vallia.
voryasen: A risslaca part crocodile, part tylosaurus.
Vorgan: A Stromnate owning allegiance to the Kov of Vomansoir.
vosk: A fat piglike six-legged animal with a smooth oily skin of a whitish-yellow, with atrophied tusks, standing six feet at the shoulder. A beast of burden  more often a food animal.
vosk-skulls, or vosk-helmets: The workers and slaves of the warrens of Magdag trained up by Prescot into a phalanx received either of these names because they wore thick vosk skulls as helmets,
vove: Large  and  exceptionally  ferocious,  eight-legged saddle-animal of the Great Plains of Segesthes, equipped with fangs and horns, russet-colored. Smaller and without the fangs and horns is called a half-vove.
Vovedeer: Leader of clans in Segesthes.
Vex, By: A Vallian oath.
Vulheim: Port city of western Valka.

Walfarg: Nation of Loh, now sunk in apathy, once the center of a great empire.
Wanek, Prince Varden: Of the House of Eward. A good comrade to Prescot.
Wardens: Provided by all the Houses of Zenicce for police work and seaward defense.
wersting: A vicious black and white stripped four-legged hunting dog.
Wickens: A House of Zenicce.
Wil: Young boy of Dancing Talu.
Wizards of Loh: Sorcerers and magicians of great and apparently supernatural powers.
Wloclef: Large island off the west coast of Turismond, famed for its thick-fleeced curly-ponshos.
woflo: Small animal fond of cheese.
Womox: An island off the west coast of Vallia.
Womoxes: A strong, bull-necked people who carry their heads forward with two stumpy but- formidable horns on their foreheads. Fierce, independent, not overly original.
Wulk: A barbarian of the northern hills, a friend to Prescot,
Wyndhai: An area of The Stratemsk, home of yellow eagles,

xi: Iridescent-scaled winged lizards of humid jungle valleys of The Stratemsk.
Xoltemb: A caravan-master of Segesthes from Xuntal (1).
Xuntal: An island off the southern promontory of Segesthes.  .

Yelker, Ven, nal Vomansoir: A canalman, owner of the Dancing Talu,
Yerthyr: Very dark-green poisonous tree of Erthyrdrin from which are cut the finest-quality longbow staves,
yulshi: A draft bird of the Hostile Territories, Plural: yuelshi.
Yumapan: Nation of the west coast of Pandahem,

Zair: The red-sun deity.
Zamu: A city dedicated to Zair, base of the Krozairs of Zamu,
Zantristar the Merciful, By: A Sanurkkazian oath.
Zazz, Pur: Grand Archbold of the Krozairs of Zy (2).
Zelph, River: Joins the River Aph at Aphrasoe.
Zenicce: Great enclave city of a million souls on west coast of Segesthes.
Zenkiren, Pur: Krozair of Zy, Grand Archbold elect. (2/3),
zhantil: A magnificent wild animal larger than a leem, massively built in the foreparts, banded in tiger stripes of umber and ruby, with a rich golden mane.
zhantil to saddle, a: A secret and difficult purpose.
Zim: The red sun of Antares. Has many other names.
Zimen: Lay brothers of the Krozairs of Zy.
Zim Stream: Warm water flowing northward through the Cyphren Sea
Zim-Zair, By: A Krozair oath.
zizils: Giant Flying animals of The Stratemsk.
Zo, King: King of Sanurkazz (2).
Zolta: Oar-comrade to Prescot, Zorg, and Nath. Took the apostis seat. Gives no details of his history, is a man for the ladies. Eventually a member of the Zimen,
Zond: Produces the finest wine of the southern shore of the inner sea
zorca: Swift riding animal, short-coupled, four extremely long and thin legs, hoofed. A single curled horn raises from its forehead.
Zorcander: Leader of clans.
Zorg: Son of Zorg and Mayfwy (2).
Zorg of Felteraz: Oar-comrade of Prescot, Zolta, and Nath. Krozair of Zy. Died under the lash on the slave-benches of the Magdaggian swifter Grace of Grodno.
Zora: Name usually given by Prescot to swifters he commanded.
Zulfiria: A city of the southern shore of the inner sea.
Zullia: Village to the south of Sanurkazz devoted to ponsho fanning. Birthplace of Nath, oar-comrade to Prescot,
Zy: Island formed from an extinct volcano, in the mouth of the Sea of Swords. Headquarters of the Krozairs of Zy.
Zyna: Daughter of Ven Yelker and Vena Sosie, of the Dancing Talu.