"Reach For the Highest Star"
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"Reach For the Highest Star"

"WAVE" Artist Management & Development

Welcome to the "WAVE" Artist Management & Development Page. As with the parent company DIGARTS, this page and company are in a state of constant revision. "WAVE" Artist Management & Development is another sibling company under DIGARTS and is also in the process of securing seed and start up capital.

We hope to establish a unique position in the Music Industry by keeping a close ear to the daily sound produced by our sister company "WAVE" Digital Production Studios. There are many talented artists and groups that flood to Nashville, "Music City" in quest of the elusive dream of becoming successful in the music industry. We will be there to help those that demonstrate the talent, image savvy, and drive to themselves become that dream. From mapping an artist's career and developing individual talent, to managing day to day booking and scheduling, we are committed to growing the career and talent of our rising stars.

Located in the DIGARTS building (projected) right in the heart of Music Row in Nashville, we can access all beneficial resources to insure the success of our artists and this venture.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about becoming a "Wave" Artist, please fill in your name, e-mail, phone #, and address in the form below. Thanks a bunch!
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Please feel free to contact via E-mail below or call (615)316-9773



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