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Becoming a House of Lloyd Demonstrator.


Celebrate the opportunity that enables you to spend more time with those you love. You no longer have to make the choice between work and family.

Work year-round as a Demonstrator with Christmas Around the World & Gifts. You set your own schedule according to your family's needs, leaving you plenty of time to cherish those closest to you.

It's easy!! You can earn two $300 kits per year!

Let me tell you some of the best reasons that a demonstrator position with House of Lloyd is a fantastic career opportunity.

MONEY!!! Who doesn’t love money? Our commission structure starts with the very first dollar you sell and is designed to motivate you to even higher sales and higher commissions.

17% on sales $1-$2000. Also, at $2000, you have earned your kit!

20% on sales $200-$3000

30% on sales $3000 and up!

We also offer Fundraisers and Wholesale orders, which you would make 10% commission of company collections.

WEEKLY PAYCHECK!b> You will receive a statement from House of Lloyd weekly (till late in the season, around mid-November) and your check will be included if you are due one.

NO COLLECTING – NO DELIVERING! As a Demonstrator you will not be responsible for collecting money. The Hostess does this and mails it directly to House of Lloyd. UPS handles all shipping-orders are delivered to the hostess and then she distributes to her guests. (Late in the year, November and after, House of Lloyd offers Fed Ex shipping to assure party deliveries in time for Holiday gift giving.)

100% GUARANTEE! Any item that is not satisfactory is guaranteed with replacement or their money back. Most of this is handled easily through a toll-free number. Nine times out of ten, the merchandise need not be shipped back to the company. Returning merchandise to the company only happens when the percentage of damaged good exceeds a high percentage of the party sales.

EXCEPTIONAL HOSTESS PROGRAM! Without our hostesses, we would not have a job! House of Lloyd guarantees a hostess will receive at least $50 in FREE SHOPPING (each party does need a minimum of 5 orders plus the hostess to qualify as a party)which makes it easy to book parties and assures your success. Most hostesses, of course, earn much more. I would say the average hostess earns over $100 FREE! (Did you know that many party plans only offer their hostesses 10-15%?)

FREE KIT PROGRAM! House of Lloyd offers all Demonstrators the opportunity to earn TWO FREE $300 KITS PER YEAR! Each kit is worth $300. You can receive 1 in the Spring and as long as you sell at least $2000, you will receive another $300 kit in the Fall. The Fall kit will be given to you “up-front” without a security charge. Just like in the Spring, this Fall kit will become yours to keep once you have $2000 in sales (the $2000 sales in Spring does not count toward the $2000 needed to earn a Fall kit. To clarify this, each kit needs to be earned with $2000 in sales). Also, I would like to mention that there is a $20 Kit Administration Fee for each kit order from the company. This covers Shipping and Handling, as well as paperwork necessary for completion of the transaction. I don’t mention this to alarm you. It is not something they ask you to put out of your pocket. This fee is charged to your account and will be deducted from your earned commissions.

10% MERCHANDISE CREDIT! In addition to your regular cash commissions, you will also be making a merchandise commission of 10% on your party sales. You regularly add to your kit using this fantastic program. These can only be redeemed in $100 increments. For every $1000 you sell, you may spend $100 in the catalogue.

SET YOUR OWN HOURS! Work only when you want and around present jobs and family commitments. Go on vacation whenever you want. YOU ARE THE BOSS! Plus, about 50% or more of the work is completed from home. This is 100% when handling a book party! An average home show will take 2-3 hours and then the remaining paperwork is completed at home. A book party can be taken over the phone, the Internet or by mail. You might never leave your house while earning FASTASTIC $$$$! What’s good now is that parties may even be submitted over the Internet if you are online.

FABULOUS TRIPS! Can you picture yourself in Hawaii? Even better, picture yourself going there for FREE! Every year literally thousands of our representatives qualify for fabulous trips. For one trip, you’ll need $20,000 in sales. For two, you would need $38,000. I know this may sound like a lot to someone new, but believe me, you would be surprised how quickly the sales add up.

ADVANCEMENT AND REFERRAL! For every new recruit you bring into the company, you will be rewarded with either $200 in merchandise OR $75 in CASH! This is paid to the recruiting Demonstrator as soon as the referred recruit has reached $500 in sales. For additional information click below to email me.

With House of Lloyd, you have EVERYTHING to GAIN and NOTHING to LOSE! If all this doesn't convince you click below for a few more Good Reasons for a CAREER with HOUSE OF LLOYD! You may also email me directly by clicking here!

You Won't Have to Choose between Career and Family!
IMAGINE! A Job that Makes Sense!

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A World of Opportunity!