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THE COMMON MAN - 50 years of India


-A series on 50 years of Indian Independence.

FREEDOM! This will be the most common refrain heard in India this year, even as we enter the 50th year of our Independence. 50 years ago we had made an unique tryst with destiny and had embarked on a promising but perilous journey towards progress, prosperity and social justice. Since then four wars, ten general elections, nine five year plans and countless insurgencies later we can safely say that we have come a long way, baby! We are still together as a nation, aren’t we and doing very well too, thank you!

Yes, it is time for celebrations and celebrations there will be - official, unofficial, formal, non-formal, government, corporate,……..the list is endless. In fact the celebrations have already begun, but lost among this euphoria, there lies a face; a puzzled, bemused, half happy, half sad face. The face of the ‘common man’ of this country. Yes, that elusive character who is the real Lord and Master of this country, the guardian of our political freedom! Yet we find today that the common man is languishing in the shadows of anonymity. Hunted by the brokers of power and prestige we find him at the periphery of decision making circles. It is high time we sat up and took notice of him, for he is the one who makes this country tick!

Our T.V. series, ‘The Common Man’ comes as a much deserved tribute to the common man, his achievements, his strengths and weaknesses, and above all his eloquent silence. Our series celebrates the common man for he is the only thing uncommon about this country. ‘The Common Man’ is a chronicle of events, issues and happenings in the post-independence era from the common man’s perspective.

The Common Man’ is a docu-drama which attempts to highlight aspects of life in Free India that have had an impact on the lives of every Indian. ‘The Common Man’ is that perfect amalgamation of historical events and their present day interpretations which will be dear to every Indian’s heart. The themes handled in the series are as diverse and wide ranging as ‘Freedom’, ‘Nationhood and Constitution’, ‘Emergency’, ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Education’, ‘Social Degeneration’, and ‘Leadership’. ‘The Common Man’ provides a complete, well documented and unbiased view of events, issues and personalities that have gone into the making of India as it is today.

The series is directed by noted Filmmaker of international acclaim,

Shri Bhimsain.
Each 25 minute episode of ‘The Common Man’ presents an judicious and entertaining mix of authentic documentation, pure fictional story line, and candid interviews with eminent personalities and common people alike. The Common Man has also been made in a 50 mts version for International Release. The documentation section has exclusive and thought provoking interviews by such eminent personalities like the PM Shri I.K.Gujral, Smt. Kiran Bedi, Shri Vasant Sathe, Shri S. Nijlingappa, Shri Ram Krishna Hegde, EMS, B. Nega Reddy, Air Com. Jasjit Singh Arora, Prathiba Parhlad, C.N. Mangla, etc. Extensive and exhaustive research backed by original footage sources from the BBC, Films Division, and National Archives has made the presentation as authentic and unbiased as possible.

The Common Man’ stars well known names like

Dr. Shreeram Lagu
Smt. Sulbha Deshpande
Shri Arun Bali
in stellar roles. Cinematography is handled by the noted cameraman
Shri Debu Deodhar
. Music for the series is scored by the legendary
Shri Jagjit Singhji.
The series is the maiden production venture of
Shri Yati Jindal

Entertainment Production Services


Shri I.K. Gujral Prime Minister of India,

Shri Vasant Sathe Ex Minister

.Shri A.S. Gyanasambandhu-Philospher & Educationalist,

Shri A.P. Uhdyabhanu,Freedom fighter,

Shri/SmtA.S. Uma Raman -Singer

Shri S.Charuhassan - Actor/Lawyer,

Mrs Sarojani-Social Worker

Mrs Kiran Bedi- IPS ,

Air Com Jagjit Singh - Army

Shri S. Niglingappa Politician/ King Maker

Mrs Pamela Nasargi Politician \

Shri M.M. Alex Film Maker,

Shri C. Srinivasan Educationalist

Shri Hari Dang Educationalist,

Late Ms.C.N. Mangla Educationalist ,

Shri R.K. Hegde- Politician, Vasant Sathe- Politician,

Shri Verappa Molili-Politician ,

Shri P.T. Narasimhachar-Freedom Fighter ,

Shri Master Hirannaiah-Political Satirist

Shri Nittur Srinivasa Rao- Chief Justice (Rtd) ,

Lt General Narahari-Army,

Ms.Pratibha Prahlad- Bharatnatyam Dancer,

Shri A.R. Badari Narayan- Freedom Fighter

Shri Ram Jethmalani- Constitution Lawyer ,

Shri Aryppan Paniker - Poet

Shri D.B. Kamalakar- Freedom Fighter

Guru Somji-Politician/ Religious head

Shri A Jaganathan -Film Producer,

Shri B. Negi Reddy -Film Producer/ The Last Mugal

Shri P .K. Michael Tharaken-Regional Development,

Shri P.K. Nair-Archivist ,

Shri E.M.S.-Politician

Shri K. Pillay-Freedom Fighter ,

Mrs Soundram Kailasam-Poet ,

Shri K. Ravindran - ExPoliceman,

Shri Bhatherathser-Judge .

Swami Agnivesh-Social Worker

Shri L.C. Jain-Gandhian ,

Uma Ramanan- Singer ,

Ms.Laatha Krishanamurthi-Lawyer

In sneak previews, ‘The Common Man’ has been widely acclaimed by the press as a path-breaking effort in the history of Indian Television.

Following are some of the comments that appeared in various sections of the Indian Press.


The serial is an eye opener on our education system, law and order and economy..a beautifully crafted serial! ’

THE WEEK- FEB 9, 1997.

The ambience of the serial is expressive,.. camera work is just,. Characterisation is apt………the docu-drama treatment is different but appropriate.

THE PIONEER- JAN 16, 1997.

The serial is full of every day nuances which will leave a mark on those who understand. But how many of us will?


‘The scoring point of the series (is)the subject, and its unbiased presentation.’

MID-DAY- JAN 17, 1997.

‘Vivid and effective,……. Absolutely no flamboyance,……. Documentary evidence is judiciously used’


‘Despite its title , there is nothing common about the series’

SCREEN, JAN 24, 1997.

‘The common man promises to be a great watch’

SAVVY- FEB 1997.

‘Makes pertinent points like emphasising the importance of Equality & Fraternity,…..and not just political democracy……. Also shows a progressive attitude.


‘Comes as a pleasant surprise’

E-TIMES, 23 JAN 1997

From what we saw, it’s a rather genuine effort.. the serial dose pose some interesting questions about out attitude towards various political and social issues.


The Common Man is .. is a strong political statement. It has analysed fifty years of Independence quite fairly and has come forward with many candid opinions.

The subject might be a bit realistic, but then it is relevant in the present context.

Midday 17/1/97


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