Western Regional Clown Convention Pictures 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002

Western Regional 2001 and 2002

Arial the Clown Angel was introduced at the Western Regional Clown Convention 2001.  Picture of Arial on the left is a newer version, and Beary the Clown on the right. .



Beary the Clown and Peppermint Patti, Beary, and Butterscotch before Paradeability

Butterscotch at her face painting class

and after her tiger creation where the

"tiger" SCARED Butterscotch!

Western Regional 2000




Butterscotch and Beary the Clown after Parade Competition (The Golfer and the Caddy)

The "Working" Paradability Group






Violet the Clown, Christina Will (Beary) and

Butterscotch the Clown

Christina Will asleep in her Mom's arms (Butterscotch)

Animal the Clown with Christina Will (Beary)

Western Regional 1999

Beary the Clown on Make Up Competition Day

Trinket the Clown during Make Up Competition

Butterscotch the Clown during Make Up Competition


4H Clown Beary, Butterscotch the Clown and Animal the Clown

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