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Real Estate Agency

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Real estate, Travel agency Sizgoriceva 9 21000 Split, CROATIA LINK REAL ESTATE
Attention: Board of Directors,
We would like to invite you to consider our proposal of real estate
properties that are now available for rent or purchase in Croatia.
We are one of the largest real estate agencies operating in Croatia,
shareholders of the Croatian Trade Center in Zagreb. We're successfully
dealing with real estate business within the whole country and already
have many foreign investors that are willing to purchase or rent real
estate properties in our country.
The post-war regulations allow foreigners to purchase/rent properties
and become legal proprietors with ease, because the passage of property
is regulated between Croatian Government and foreign Consulates. In case
of realisation we will prepare all the documentation that is necessary
for he passage of property.
Considering the fact that Croatia was visited by more than 10 million of
tourists per year, several investors from abroad are now purchasing
yachts, boats, houses, flats, private shops, old castles, single hotels,
hotel compexes, private islands (desert onces wich can be edificable or
already with small hotels or villas). We have to offer some private
islands that can be purchased or "rented" for 30, 50 or 100 years.
There is also a possibility to purchase edificable land so you could
build your own hotels, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc. You could
invest in Ceners of diving, fishing, snorkling or perhaps renovate old
castles and make DE LUX hotels or luxury residences. Most of our real
estate is near the sea shore and on beutiful Adratic islands.
Croatia is nowdays well conected with the whole World. We have airports
in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and on islands Hvar and Brac. By sea it's
just a few hours travel from Italy by motorboats.
In case you want to request any details about something in particullar,
please let us know as soon as possible and we'll be happy to send you
leaftets, video records and informations of any kind.
Our tel/fax numbers are: ++ 385 (91) 2021-468,
With best regards, Neno Vulic

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