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American Translators Association - Southern California Area Translators and Interpreters Association

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The pioneer providers of ONLINE Language Services (English/Arabic) (since 1995)
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 Located in Simi Valley, California, we have earned an excellent national and international reputation as an agency that can be relied upon to provide its clients with creative solutions and high quality  services in very reasonable time and cost.
We Offer :
  • Experienced Native Translators/Interpreters, web designers and DTP specialists
  • Ability to work with any electronic file (PC or Mac) such as MS Word (95, 97, 2000), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe Page Maker, QuarkXpress,  Photo Shop, (RTF), and Illustrator formats, or any Fax.
  • On-site translation and interpretation (ability to travel to your site anywhere in the US)
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Our list of satisfied clients includes many of the larger firms in business, IT and advanced technologies. Below is a very partial  list of our recent clients:
  • American Language Communication Center (ALCC) Web Site
  •  Bill & Melinda Gates Award Foundation Web Site
  • General Dynamics Corporation (Global Ammunition Procurement System - GAPS)
  • Ford Motor Company ( Expedition and Crown Victoria manuals and fleet sheets)
  • Lockheed Martin (military proposals)
  • Minolta Printers (Users Guides and software)
  • AS Airborne Systems, Canada, Airborne Systems
  • NeuStar ( NeuStar’s response to [.org] request for proposal ) 
  • National Signal Inc. (Arabic Road Signals)
  • Crestec Inc.
  • Identix Security Systems
  • Propel Accelerator (Internet Accelerator Software) 
  • First Communication Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (view Certificate)
  • FilNet (Costa Messa, CA), Software review and testing
  • Paramount Cigarettes, legal contracts and technical descriptions
  • Procter & Gamble, Switzerland

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Tel #: 805 579-9121 
Fax #: (603) 691-0098
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