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A Journal

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Once upon a time there was a girl who created a website all about herself. For 2 years she documented her life and her feelings, whether they be sadness, joy or fear. Her story started out when her 1st marriage dissolved and ended when she began her new marriage with her 2nd husband on the other side of the world. Her story was expressed by means of poetry, either written by herself or someone else and these were segmented with journal entries explaining how she felt at that particular time in her life. She had many online friends during that time and spent so much of her free time talking to them and making new friends from all over the world. But after 3 years communicating mostly via the internet and starting a new life in a new country with a new husband all she wanted to do was just to get away from it all and live a 'normal' life. Her website lay forgotten and then, one day 6 years later, for no particular reason, she went back and read it. It made her cry, it made her smile, it made her remember all those emotions she had long forgotten. She realised she hadn't written a single poem in 6 years and that thought made her very sad. She read the entries in her guestbook and wondered why she had ever stopped writing and decided it was time to go back. Time to write again.

Unlike last time there were no life changing events going on in her life and she realised that this would not be as easy. She worried that it would be a far more 'boring' webpage than the first one but decided that she really didn't care. What mattered more was to go back and write again and like the first one, to see where it would take her.

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Also, i've just created a page devoted to office poetry...if you want to know more, click here...
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