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Below are some simple screenpics. Fire and computer are alive (moving), and the pics looks a bit crappy since they are quite compressed. But you get the picture at least...


To Mr.Gibson:
Ah, welcome! I created this virtual puzzle for no reason whatsoever and it's now idle in my page in this beta-stage. The 3D-enviroment is optimized for size and efficiency, and it works exactly as a regular HTML-page when loaded, but in three dimensions (VRML). With a total size of only 80kB it's small enough, but yet stylish.
This place is my gift to you, a "thank's" from a fan who have enjoyed the "Gibsonian-reality" for more than 10 years and never got tired of it. Earlier I said that this place is still Beta: with that I mean that the virtual area is tuned in, BUT you can see that the 2D-pages are still undone, the puzzle is not completed.
Are you interested in some cooperation on that one? I'm a good VR-designer but a bad writer, and I figured that if you will have this place hosted in your page we'd better get a Gibson-puzzle instead of a half-ass one made by a Swedish dude living in Thailand. Here's how it works:
If your fans want to enter "cyberspace" and solve the puzzle they have to download the Blaxxun (Originally 'Black Sun', any bell?). It sucks since the size is 5 mB, but when it's installed you're not only able to check this world out, you can also surf the multitude of other 3D-worlds online AND chat in 3D. This place is also activated to host 3D-chats (you get an avatar and simply join in) if you want that on your page (just another link is needed).
When the plugin is installed you log in to the VRML-pages just like any HTML-page, and I realized that a detective-game is perfect for this cyber-enviroment. When that realisation came to me I made this world. A buddy of mine have a bar downtown, and one night I found an old copy of IDORU while sipping a beer. Read it again (last time was five years ago) and came to realize that this VR-place would just gather dust in my page, but the Gibson-fans would probably enjoy it, and aren't we all dropping down in your homepage sooner or later? Ok, what I wanna say is: It's all free, people will enjoy my creation (that's all I want) and I beleive that you can create a great puzzle with the Web as a tool! You see, All the items in the place (books, PC, dead guy...) are linked to 2D-pages that you can write in. Those pages can have inlines to anything online, including music, movies, other 3D worlds a.s.o. Get the picture?
On the right side of this message are links to all relevant stuff including the empty pages that are hyperlinked from the virtual desert. Check it out and send me a reply. If you want this stuff I'll guess I just zip it down and e-mail the whole blog to you, and you (or your webmaster?) can put it up on your page when you have...perfected the puzzle. Sounds good?

Again: William Gibson, you have written stuff that have changed my life forever...thankyou. BR/Daniel



1.Download the IE-plugin.
2.(a)Enter the 3D-puzzle.
3.(b)3D, standalone.
3. (b)3D, as a chat-world.

HTML-Inlines (pieces)