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Christmas, sigh, a winter holiday which makes you feel like sipping hot cocoa and being with family and friends. I hope all your wishes come true for Christmas and you have a merry time with your family and friends. I hope you will keep me in your heart and thoughts and know that i am wishing i could be with you in person and not just in spirit. Feel me beside you when you have a moment of quietness and know that if i could i would be sunggled up next to you. Warm kisses, with cold faces! *Smile*....i love you so much.

sitting by a warm fire cuddling with you would be a chistmas wish come true! i can dream can't i? Dreams are private and dreams are free! they don't cost a dime and no one can take them from you! In fact in dreams you can do anything you please. So in my dreams my Love i am always with you! Though you're miles away i feel you in my heart. The memories we have will always keep me feeling warm inside no matter how cold it gets.