The Random Thoughts Of Erin!

I can come up with weird thoughts. I do it all the time. They always appear @ school in the break which no one has. It's quite scary. I've written them all down so just read along and be frightened. Don't ask me where they come from...they just appear. =)

  1. Reality bite back
  2. Minty gum can get really gross
  3. I'm being used.....and I like it
  4. I want it, so gimme
  5. I like having "fun"
  6. Don't hurt me in that fashion
  7. I'm delicate u bastard
  8. Sex!!!! Now that I have ur attention
  9. Go suck...a candy u tweenie
  10. Fluffy, fluffy pastry, fluffy and flaky
  11. Ur so sexually evil
  12. sweet
  13. I want love
  14. "Give it 2 me baby" "Sure thang"
  15. Sex is all just a game
  16. I just adore a guy with a big....ego
  17. So sexually evil it should be illegal
  18. *sigh* *moan* *scream*
  19. Gimme that sweet lovin' baby
  20. I could use this 4 something naughty
  21. He's a rotund little creature
  22. One wild n crazy sex machine
  23. My name is BJ and I'm a sucker
  24. Willy's gonna go play with his lucky charms now
  25. Dear God he's some hot stuff
  26. If ur sexy and u know it.....nevermind
  27. Such a slut it's not even funny
  28. Sweet like candy is the way 2 go
  29. Don't even think about it missy
  30. Shake ur bon bon baby
  31. I need sexual healing
  32. Do ya want my body
  33. Analyze this u crack addict
  34. If ur sexy and u know it clap ur hands
  35. Do the macarena and put some extra shake in it
  36. I need some lockaaaaah combos
  37. Don't call me baby unless u got a liscense
  38. Parting is such sweet sorrow
  39. I think he's cheating on me
  40. One can never be 2 sure
  41. The sexy ppl rn't always the slutty ones
  42. It's possible 2 be sexy in sweats
  43. Prostitution ain't part of no constitution
  44. Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia pets
  45. Be a beaver and support Canada, don't wear braces
  46. Silly songs 4 silly ppl
  47. Don't cry 4 me Argentina! And Canada, America, Japan, China, Mexico, Chile, England, Ireland, Australia, etc, etc
  48. Sweet 16 and a drama queen
  49. Ding dong the bitch is dead
  50. Harrassment in the school halls!
  51. Pop yo joint hoe
  52. I'm a bloody English babe
  53. Chick flicks r snubbed by pricks
  54. 2morrow I'll love ya, but 2day, no
  55. The unsuspicious r the crazy
  56. Insanity isn't just 4 losers anymore
  57. Who said crazy ppl suck?
  58. Well, I guess the padded walls look comfortablebut I don't know about that jacket. It looks really tight and uncomfortable...I'm sorry, but this place isn't cool enough 2 have me seen around here!
  59. Beauty is only skin deep, but what about all those deep cleaning moisturizers and surgeries ppl have 2 make themselves pretty?
  60. A little background music sets the "mood"
  61. Poker! Poker! Poker! Strip!
  62. Diss me then kiss me...plllllllllz...
  63. Look @ all the funny ppl Mommy
  64. Y be boring when u could put that energy in2 scaring little children?
  65. I wanna win....not a lottery, not a game show, not a car, not a dream house.....just ur heart

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