Pics of The Sleepover!

O boy...where 2 start with The Sleepover...I think me, Nat, and Bean had a lil 2 much fun with it. Sure the whole getting caught while sneaking out wasn't 2 great, but it turned out OK in the end. Good thing my mom was in a good mood...sorta. Well, the Vanilla Coke, Jelly Tots, Starburst Fruit Chews, and M&M's kept us going. Bean, it's not ur fault about the candle wax on my bag. That stuff came off so don't worry. Nat, where 2 start with thing u didn't get drunk! Yes r the pics...

This is Bean. Bean is drinking Vanilla Coke. This is a Vanilla Coke ad. Yay. Hahahahhaa, check out my Furby in the background. (Yes I have a Furby, shut up!)

A close up of Nat wearing MY MICKEY SWEATSHIRT. Sorry, just had 2 get that point across...She looks good...Yes...

I'm dead sexy. O yeah. Bring it on. Look @ me. Wait...what am I doing with the roll on glitter...=) O well. Still dead sexy!

*cough* Nat...what were u trying 2 do here? Wait...I don't wanna know...*shudder* Good thing she doesn't look like this all the time. If she did I certainly wouldn't be seen with her in public.

This is Nat getting flirty. Go Nat! Go Nat! Go Nat! Check out the Starburst...Nat ur dirty...Just kiddin'! I'm dirtier!!!! =P

Wow, Bean wearing a belt. How cool is that? OK well that's my belt...and that shirt belongs 2 Nat...Bean, get ur own clothes! Naw, Bean's got a spiffy wardrobe!

Nat and Bean crowd around my mirror while trying 2 beautify themselves. Nat is still in MY MICKEY SWEATSHIRT. =)

This is Bean and Nat b4 we turn out the lites and sleep. Nat is wearing MY MICKEY SWEATSHIRT, MY KITTY AND MOON PJ BOTTOMS, and MY STEVE MADDEN SOCKS. Everything else is her own. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...Aw Bean looks cute!

Nat re-does her hair every 10 min. Seriously. This is a morning after picture. Doesn't Nat look good in MY BLACK SHIRT WITH THE LADY'S FACE? Nat, get ur own wardrobe...Plz.

Awwwww Bean looks so cute!!!!! Cutie Bean! Cutie Bean!

*sigh* MY MICKEY SWEATSHIRT! This is Nat after the long makeup process. Doesn't she look pretty? *cough* no *cough*

4 all u fellahs out there....This is Nat...She's ready 4 u. Remember, u heard of her through me. *wink*

This reminds me of the creepy girl from The Exorcist so much that it scares me. The Exorcist scares me...*shudder* Someone hug me.

Ahhhh yes, Bean looking like such a party girl. Go Bean! She looks so good here!!!!!!!!

What can I say? The can was cold...I'm the Vanilla Coke ad gone wrong. =)

Nat's ready 4 a rave. Gooooooo Nat! Crazy lil party girl...Heeeey, isn't that an Aaron Carter song? Hehehehe!

"Look @ Erin, Bean" "No, she'll make me laugh!" "No I won't!" "Goddamnit Erin just shut up and don't make Bean laugh!" "Fine..." Bean looks @ me. "ERIN! Stop it!" "What? I'm not doing anything!"

Bean looks like a party girl that's about 2 punch u. Hehehehehe, I like it! =) U kick ass Bean!

*cough* I didn't think Nat was actually gonna take the picture. I swear!

*~NOTE 2 NAT & BEAN~* If u guys thought I was gonna put the pics up of my ass and boobs then u have serious problems. And Bean, they r not as big as Pamela Anderson's!

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