Thank You's

I owe a lot of people. This is the place for all those people and some non human things. But anyways, I owe a lot to some people/things in my life. I've written a personal message to each of the people. Since I'm writing in my normal way I'll explain that. Because I'm in debt to these people/things I've decided to write normally out of respect for them. I want everyone of these people to know that while I may not like some of them, I owe a lot to them. Chances are that if you're on my site you're one of the people below. Thank you to everyone on this site. I love you guys!!!

We'll start off with the "things" just because when I talk about the people I'll probably start crying. Just want to delay that for a few minutes. Here's the "things".

Disneyland - Oh gosh...Disneyland...where to start with that place. Disneyland is just a wonderful place and I love it dearly. I've been there 15 times and there's not one time that I've hated it. Disneyland has given me so much joy in my life that I'd be ridden with guilt if I didn't put it in. Whenever I go there it's impossible for me to not smile the entire time. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it so I'm going to stop talking about it.

Angelfire - Well, as much as this seems like sucking up (which it might be) I do owe a lot to Angelfire. Because I've made so many web sites in Angelfire I'm almost an expert at HTML. That will come in handy if I ever become part of the Disney team and help run their web site. =) I have big plans for myself. They all involve Disney.....=)

My Dodge Durango - I love my Durango! It's so wonderful!!! I don't know why, but I just adore that SUV...Yeah I'm weird. Shut up.

Claire's - Me and Benita owe so much to that store. Most of my jewellery comes from that place. It's crazy how much time I can spend in that store. If I don't get a job in The Disney Store I'm going for Claire's. Isn't it kinda scary that when you go to get your cartilage piercing done I might be doing it? =)

Playland - More owing from both me and Benita. We owe them so much for use of the Rainbow, Pirate Ship, and Coaster way too much.

Hotmail - Aaahhh the wonderful email system. Thank God for Hotmail! I choose their email service 4 all my email needs. Gooooo Hotmail!

MSN Messenger - Without my fabulous MSN I wouldn't have communication access to all my friends (except Nat). I LOVE YOU MSN!!!

Chocolate - It tastes good. It makes me hyper. It causes all my problems 2 disappear. What's not 2 love? Chocolate has been with me through all my problems whether they be minor or major. Sure I can feel kinda guilty afterwards, but that's only if my mom goes on about how much I've actually eaten.

Yoga - I have increased flexibility, a lower stress level, and I'm more relaxed. How wonderful yoga is!

My Pugs - Oh boy...without you two I'd be so incredibly bored. You both brighten my day a lot and despite your sometimes annoying behaviour I love you guys sooooooooo much!!!!

Well, that's all for the "things" part. Here's the emotional part. I've got the tissues ready. Kleenex anyone?

Mom - We don't get along so well, but I know that you care about me a lot and you'll support me whatever I do. Thank you for your love even though it doesn't always come across in a nice way.

Dad - Thanks for being nicer than Mom in some ways. I'm sorry about some stuff that I shouldn't have done. At least we don't fight like I do with Mom. Thank you for sticking up with me in those screaming, raging bitch fights with Mom. I appreciate that.

Faye - You're a great sister even though you're kinda ditzy. You're funny as hell though and I'm glad Robin's out of the picture. Don't listen to what he says cuz you can do so much better. His sorry won't get far. I promise. Keep being you cuz that's who I love!

Gavin Wilkinson - Aw man, you're the best cousin in the world! Thanks for being there for me even though it's so hard because you're in England and I'm here in Canada. Thanks for the emails that make my day and the conversations that help me get through life. I couldn't do it without ya Gavvy Boy!

Natalina Digiacinto - Oh God...where to start with you? You're a complete sweetie and I love ya to bits! Thanks for the 10 phone calls a day even though my mom gets so mad at you. I don't care. Keep calling. Thanks for the hugs. Thanks for the words that made me feel better. Thanks for everything you've done. You kick ass!

Sumin Na - Min, you're great. Our little talks we have on MSN are great. The hugs are great. The inside jokes are great. Everything about our friendship is great. Thanks for the cranes. Knowing you did that for me makes me realise how much my friends care about me. Thanks sweetie!

James Craxton - What can I say? We have too many inside jokes. We laugh too much. We had way too much fun in Science. Thanks for making such a boring subject so great! By the end it was like my favourite class! English as well! You're such a photogenic little person. I have way too many photos of you. It's kinda crazy, but who cares? It'll give me something to rmember. Thanks for everything you've done Shorty!

Ali Cant - Thanks for being a better person to talk to on the phone than James! Thanks for being my Disney buddy! Do you know how much fun it'll be when we actually go to Disneyland together? Oh boy...Thanks for being such a sweet guy and giving great hugs! You kick some major butt!

Benita Chao - Bean...where would I be without you? I wouldn't be so obsessed with Playland, Claire's, Yogen Fruz, Chubby Chicken, Ardene's, or pom poms without you! Our crazy little obsession annoy the hell out of everyone, but we'll just keep being obsessed because that's who we are! Thanks for being so cute n huggable!

Alyssa Lefroy - We're just crazy together. Or well, we were. Haven't done anything with you in a while. Even if we are drifting apart I just want you to know that our 10/11 years of friendship ain't gonna go forgetten. I'll never forget out crazy ideas, California, or Humanities 8. Thanks for making everything so fun!

Shanelle Arman - We're pretty damn weird together and everyone knows it. You can be kinda scary sometimes with your hyperness. Who isn't? Rocky still scares me. The Sim house thing I created wasn't THAT ugly....OK so maybe it was, but it was cool! Thanks for being so supportive and wonderful! Don't ever change that crazy disposition or I'll have to kill you!

Nicole Davidson - Oh Nicky...Humanities 8 was fun. PE 8 was interesting. Science 9 was boring as hell when we were sitting together. The rain song with Bean was pretty was the flowers. Ah well, it was all good. Thanks for being my Cart Buddy and one day we'll beat Jason up.

Carissa van Niekerk - I saw you cry!!!! Hahahahaha! That day was pretty crazy. Sure got us out of a lot of stuff. =) The whole Social Services thing was pretty scary, but everything turned out OK. I'm fine. I'm happy. Everything's good. Thanks for supporting me through that and being my Thursday/Monday Last Thing buddy.

Jose Portillo - Thanks for being a Heather Hater with me in Band. We get to go to Europe together!!!! YAY! Hopefully Heather will change her I don't want her to change. It was fun pissing her off and fighting with her. Band was just fun. Thanks for also not asking questions about my Band disappearance. You're hilarious!

Robin Maxted - Thanks for being such a fun person to hate. The conversations I've had with people about you. It's just so wonderful to hate you because it's so easy. The things you've done to Faye, me, and my pugs are just unacceptable. Don't think we all don't know about everything. You're a bastard and I'm glad Faye got rid of you. So yeah, thanks for being super easy to hate!

Jessica Maxted - Thanks for being such a sweetie in Hawaii and a fellow Robin hater, even if he is your cousin. I'm sorry you're related to that bastard. You're Faye's best friend and I know you two are a hell of a lot better off without Faren. Hopefully she'll get better and everything will be OK. Thanks for still talking to Faye even though she had a crazy suicidal sister. Faye needs you more than ever since she's gotten rid of Robin and Faren. Thanks for being her best friend.

Suli Atkinson - Thanks so much for being the spiffy councillor that allowed me to swear! It was so great to just be able to speak my mind and not have to worry about offending anyone. That kind of freedom is great. Thanks for being a great councillor!

Mrs. Linda Princic - Thanks for getting me out of so much trouble in gr. 9!!!! I would so be expelled if it wasn't for you! Thanks for taking so much time to make sure I was ok and that my teachers understood everything. I really couldn't have done it all without you.

Mr. Frank Leung - OK so the beginning of gr. 9 English was kinda...iffy cuz I heard some weird stuff about you. But as the year went on I realised you're actually a really good teacher. Thanks for checking up on me during my depression and omitting a bunch of stuff so I could pass English. The card was totally sweet and it really perked up my day. I still have it!!! I feel bad that I've never thanked you in person, but I will one day!!!

Dr. Hendre Viljoen - Aw're great...I owe you so much for helping me out. I dunno where I'd be without you. Thanks for listening to my hour long raving about my mom and putting up with my odd behaviour. It's all really appreciated. I still think the foam bats would have helped...Oh well. Thanks for everything!!!!

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