Playland '02 Pics!!!!

I shall never remember that day 4 as long as I live. Me, Bean, Ali, and Andrew Porritt embarked on the first, last, and only time at Playland 4 Bean and I. It was certainly an interesting day 4 all. Memories 2 remember 4 always include: 2 disposable cameras, Nick, Rainbow, Pirate Ship, hot guys, McDonalds, my nosebleed, Coaster pics, the guy with the cool contact lenses, curly fries, that damn refillable goalie cup, early closing, the scary bums, forcing Bean on the Wild Mouse, forcing me on Hell's Gate, me breaking off the rubber thing on the front of the Wild Mouse car, suggesting Ali and Andrew were gay 2gether, Merwhores, the stomach feeling, not understanding the bumper cars, going on the Tilt-A-Whirl and realising we totally don't like it, laughing so hard and 4 so long, the Enterprise (never again!), hiccups, giggling, and trying 2 find out who Ali likes. It was great.


Ooooo yeaaaaaah!!!! Hottie...haha yeah rite. This is Nick. Nick is ugly. He is also fun 2 scare. "Hi Nick!" *waving frantically* Nick gives us scared look and unenthusiastically waves back.

Ali likes 2 squidge his face up when he's confused. I don't think he quite understands the concept of the Pirate Ship.

O I look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!! Simply maaaaahvelous! I make love 2 the camera. I'm a cutie and u know it so ssssshhh!

Woooooo wooo! Go Rainbow! Go Rainbow! Go Rainbow! Bean and I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove the Rainbow!!!! Bean better love the Rainbow more than Marcel or I'll have 2 slap her...

Ali is squidging his face up @.....I don't know....but he's confused about something!!!!

The perfect Corkscrew picture. I love it. O I love it so much...I'll shut up about the Corkscrew now cuz I don't love it half as much as I love the Rainbow!

This pic turned out unexpectantly good. Ali wasn't supposed 2 have his eyes closed or his mouth open, but we caught it on film. And it worked out good. =)

Ali's having 2 much fun in the sun...Just a lil 2 much fun. Yeah. Ali...get out of the sun b4 u go gay on us...if u haven't already...JK! JK! JK!

OK well, as much as this is a good pic of Ali...we weren't trying 2 get a pic of Ali...Do u c the black arrow? Do u c who the arrow is pointing 2? Do u notice how cute that guy is? Good.


Ali really got his money worth of free refills. He refilled that damn thing like 5 times...Andrew and Ali went through one refill in like 10 minutes. They had a lot of bathroom breaks. Hehehe.

Bean and I love the Playland curly fries. Maybe a lil 2 much, but anyways...we love the curly fries. =) Yummy yummy I want some...

I've come 2 the conclusion that Ali's happy 2 much. He's, like, never pissed. That kinda scares me now that I think about it...

It's the happy couple!!!! Awwwww rn't they so cute!

Yeah, seriously, Ali is always happy. That's a very scary thing. No one can be happy all the time. It makes me wonder what the hell he does that makes him so happy. Wait...I'm not sure I wanna know...

Ali really likes the Coaster. Porritt only sort of likes the Coaster. He's very unenthusiastic. *shakes fist*

Wooohooo sexy bitches going on the Coaster!!! Go us! Go us! We're cool. U know it.

Porritt successfully climbs the wall. Hahahhaha...he's hanging on 4 dear life!!!

Well, this would be a good pic of Bean if it wasn't 4 those stupid white marks...UGH! Never using those cheap cameras ever again!

This is Porritt climbing the wall. Yes I mixed the order of this and the pic of Porritt @ the top up. I'm 2 lazy 2 fix it. So sue me.

Ali climbs the wall in an attempt 2 prove his manliness. Go Ali!!!! (But we still think ur gay...)

Go Ali! U made it 2 the top and ur looking down @ us with a look of triumpth. We still think ur gay though.

It's all in the rosy cheeks. This is such a cute pic of Ali!!!!!!

Hehehehehehhehe...Ali looks funny....*bursts in2 hysterical laughter*

We made Porritt cry from laughing 2 hard. Hehehehe...

Ali was laughing pretty hard and trying 2 eat. It wasn't good...

I don't think Bean wanted her picture taken...

Under most circumstances I would never have allowed such a bad pic of me on the Internet, but since this is me having the memorable nosebleed I had 2 put it up. DAMNIT ALI...LOOK WHAT U DID 2 ME!!!

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