The Obsessions Of Erin!

There's a lot of stuff that I just love in this world. It's aaaaaaall here. This page baby! Read on dear reader!

I did say "From Happy Faces 2 Rainbows" so ya'll know this is first and then the rainbow's gonna be last. Just take it as is. Happy faces r great cuz they make u just so HAPPY!!!!!

Aaaaaaah the green can with the familiar red writing containing the most precious liquid in my world. I could live off this stuff 4ever and still not be sick of it!!! It gets me sssoooooooooooooooooooooo hyper, like, SCARY hyper. Think insane high pitched laughter ringing through the rooms every 5 minutes...

OK, if I mention the Dew, gotta mention the Stix. If u put Pixy Stix in Mountain Dew it's soooo good. The Pixy Stix makes the Dew fizz over and it's a waste of it, but whatever, it looks cool!!!

I love California! It's the greatest place!!!! OK, well some of it is like weird and freaky, but most of it's cool!!!!

I can't dance 4 shit, but I still like doing it, especially the victory dance!! *starts doing victory dance* GO ME! GO ME! GO ME! *stops* Sowwy. Got carried away there...*looks innocent* Anyways....I like dancing even though I look really dumb when I try 2 do it. =)

Ppl have told me I say that word 2 much. I guess that means I'm obsessed with it, so that's y it's up here...

Aaaahhh the fun of Playland! Me and Bean r so incredibly obsessed with this place! It's just sooo great! The stomach feeling on the Pirate Ship and Rainbow! The hot guys (yellow shirt guy and Derek), the not so hot guys (Nick), the rides (Pirate Ship, Rainbow, Coaster, Hellavator), the food (doughnuts, cotton candy, curly fries), the stupidity ("Take it out" I press the button again), it's all good!

Other Things I'm Obsessed With That Have No Pics

  1. Music
  2. PJ bottoms
  3. Anything sparkly
  4. Computers (particularly MSN Messenger & the Net)
  5. Making web sites
  6. My friends
  7. Rings
  8. Earrings
  9. Pens
  10. Shopping

Well, this is how it ends! Rainbow's make me just so happy since they're all colourful. U know the whole deep thing, everyone has their own rainbow that they have 2 follow 2 get 2 their pot of gold. <-- I just came up with that, if that's already been created in this world, ooops...

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