Tsk Tsk U Naughty Thing!

Some of the following pics r not exactly "dirty" when u first look @ them. But when u take a closer look and read what I have 2 say they get naughty. Other GIF's r obviously naughty and need no explanation. Now let's continue with the tour...

I can just c it now... An old, horny, fat guy sitting @ his computer making this one. A young, pretty, blonde chick in a short skirt that flies up when she jumps. We've all heard the behind the scenes stories of cheerleaders. They just happen 2 "score" a few "touchdowns" with the whole team. Don't think I don't know what they're up 2...

OK, this one isn't that bad cuz we all know it's Bart. I just don't like his little yellow ass waving in my face. Other than that, he's a cute guy.

Now this one is just wrong....What if little children found this? Yes, it's funny, but then u realize what could happen if this got in2 the wrong hands. Don't let Concerned Childrens Advertisers get this one!

At first I was gonna put this on my love page, but then I started noticing things. Like 4 instance, y is the "bear's" face a different colour. That could be a pervert inside a bear costume pretending 2 be loveable and huggable. And then the damn thing holds out it's arms and says love. It's weird when u really think about it.

How would u feel if u were in the shower or brushing ur teeth and suddenly this guy pops out of ur toilet? Scary? I would think so. Hey...didn't something like this happen in that really bad Spice Girls movie....?

Is it just me or is the dinosaur gay? I don't have a problem with gay ppl, I just found this weird. A) The thing is waaaay 2 happy B) It looks like it's running on it's toes C) It's arms just look gay and D) The running looks like skipping or prancing

It's either drunk or on crack. Take ur pick.

I'm glad this thing supports safe sex and all that. But y is the condom bouncing up and down and giving a thumbs up? I found this on a family site. God....

This computer is jacking off!!!!!!!!!!! It's "typing" it's "keyboard". Code words here ppl!!! Look @ it's extremely happy face.

It's not very nice 2 laugh @ the poor guy. Not exactly his fault!!! But then again, he was kinda askin 4 it now wasn't he..... Ah well. I won't get caught up in this.

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