All About Nat!!!

Full Name: Natalina Nicole Digiacinto
Nickname(s): Nat, Dig, and Butt Twin #2
How Long I've Known Them: Since like September '00
Coolest Thing About Them: Funniness, hyperness, coolness, and wonderfulness
Possession Of Mine I'd Give Them: O God...what wouldn't I give that bitch!
Thing I'd Do With Them: Go on a no limits shopping spree!!!!
Song I Dedicate 2 Them: Hmmmm....Salt n Peppa - Push It, Pink - Get This Party Started, Britney Spears - Boys, or Right Said Fred - I'm 2 Sexy
Movie I Dedicate 2 Them: Blade, Blade 2, Signs, and Austin Powers 3

Inside Jokes/Memories - Stalking James 2 his house, disposable cameras, shopping, thongs, hooker boots, Hot Guy #1 with the visor, David, KB, locker #101, the park, quotes, dissing Mark, Oreo drumsticks, gum, cell phone covers, Yogen Fruz, La Senza, taking the bus 2 Park Royal, Dukey, hot guys, the guy @ her grandma's pool who had his shorts waaaay 2 high, scary c through white trunks, the scary lady and her kid, the porch, interesting questions on Friday nite, waving flashlites and doing the dance @ Mark's tent, figuring out the comfiness of every guy we know, Gavin's English accent, eye liner, peach perfume, peach cooler, New Years Eve, my Xmas party, my bday party, making fun of each other, talking on the phone like 10 times a day, me poking her stomach, Britney Spears - Boys, Salt N Peppa - Push It, Pink - Get The Party Started, Right Said Fred - I'm 2 Sexy, watching talk shows and talking on the phone, 3 way calling James, "James, Erin will flash u if u start talking" he starts talking, imagining James as a Playgirl model, tanning, her being jealous of my blondeness, walking 2 and from school, me staying around @ her after school drama, English, English video project, Not Your Average Pug, Sewing, pissing Mr. Leung off, "Ur a drunken fool", pissing Mrs. Macario off, me leaving notes in her locker, post its, Pixy Stix, Mountain Dew, writing notes, so many classes 2gether in gr. 8, teaching her the victory dance, commenting on certain guys in mascara, my bad times, Aqua, her trying 2 make me go 2 classes, going 2 school early, staying after school with James, walking home with Mark, her hitting Mark and me making her hug him afterwards, princess beds, gr. 8 Xmas party, 3 way calling Mark, Ali's hot tub, candles, Oreos, candy canes, developing disposable cameras, Starbucks, taking Madeline out, pink skirt, tank tops, retainers, following hot guys, raiding James' locker, stealing James' squirrel poster and Elmo pics, me writing all over her Science and Math textbook covers, lip gloss, always smelling, going 2 movies, watching movies @ Mark's house, Blade, Blade 2, Lion King, beginning of The Exorcist, vodka and Pepsi, Austin Powers 3, wet white shirt, her sprinkler, Mola, Hardball, making fun of Loretta, talking about how Marchello is gonna be such a ladies man, Starbucks, slurpees