Links 4 U!

My Old Sites

First Site, Let's Make Fun Of Popular People (dear God, I shudder when I c this site...)
Second Site, Funkyland, Where Humour and Being Yourself Is Everything
Third Site, Pixy Stix n Mountain Dew (the old version)
Fourth Site, The Disney Maniac Hotel (Well, it's not old cuz I still work on it, but I'm more focused on this one)
Fifth Site, This One (Click 2 go back home)

Official Sites

Angelfire (sucking up much me thinks)
Neopets (don't ask)
Cute As A Pug
Disney Kingdom
Game Scene
Fleet Kids
Sissy Fight

Other Cool Sites Hosted By Angelfire, Geocities, Yahoo, etc, etc

Subtle Chunks
WCTOAN (they're closed, but their sites still good)