The Diary Of Erin

Well, here it is. A journal by Erin 4 u 2 c. Sure it isn't gonna juicy gossip, my secrets, or who I find cute, but'll be equally entertaining. Or so I hope...I'll add a new entry every so often. Read on my dear nosey web site guest!

August 8, 2002 - O fuck. School is in like 3 weeks. How depressing is that? I am sooo not ready 4 gr. 10! Not after last year's escapades. Awww man. Nat says that some ppl in last years drama production said that gr. 10 was easier than gr. 9. I sure hope so! The pugs r overexcited and no one knows y. Must be something in the water. Good thing I hate water. My mom's threatening 2 destroy the computer if I don't make PJ's. W/e Mom. The computer stays in one piece and I'll make PJ's when I want 2. I'm real pissed cuz my CD burner isn't working and I need it 2 be working. I have like 20 CD's I need 2 burn. It's awful. But anyway, I have like nothing 2 do 2day. I don't feel like doing anything. It's a lazy day. 1:20pm and I'm in my PJ's still. Ahhhh the fun of summer. My hair's still blonde from Hawaii, but my tan's fading. It's gooooooing. Nooooooooooooo!!!! I'm trying 2 grow my nails, but it's not working. =( Hahaha listening 2 Puddle of Mudd - Control...funny song! *sigh* Changing the song. It's not giving me the energy it usually does. OK neither does Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On. Usually I find that song so....great but noooo. Not 2day. Oooo Michelle Branch - All U Wanted. Nope. What's up with Erin 2day? *shrug* Does anyone else get days like this where nothing gives them energy and they feel just drained? OMG...I feel like playing board games!!! Like Monopoly, Clue, Life, Scrabble, Scattergories, Pictionary, and Tribond....Ooooo....God damn! No one 2 play them with though. =( Hmmmm maybe I should update the rest of this site instead of talking about my boring day. Yeah ok. Bye.

August 9, 2002 - Had the weirdest day 2day. Morning was absolutely awful. My mom forced me 2 sew. Ugh. Then Nat called asking me if I wanted 2 go down 2 The Village cuz it's Friday and we always go 2 The Village on Friday nites nowadays. We decide 2 invite James n Ali cuz they usually come with us. Call James, his phone's just keeps beeping. Call Ali, talk 2 him 4 a while and find out he's soooo much better 2 talk 2 on the phone than James. Ali's coming, James is not. We tell Ali how much James is pissing us off cuz he never talks on the phone, calls us back, or goes on MSN anymore. Ali says he'll pass on the message 4 us. Go 2 The Village and hang out 4 a while. Go c Shanelle @ work. Give her $3 in tips. Buy chocolate. Wander down 2 Little Caesar's and buy Crazy Bread. Sit on benches and eat it. Talk 4 a while. Go back 2 Nat's house. Play a game of pool. Ali has 2 go catch his bus home. Me and Ali go 2 the bus stop. We start talking about Disney. Make plans 2 go 2 Disneyland on a road trip. Decide 2 make a Disney car. Promise 2 have a Disney Movie Fest. Plan 2 strap Nat and James in chairs. Ali's bus never comes so he'll his mom 2 come pick him up. We keep talking about Disney stuff. Bus comes. Ali gets mad. Bus leaves. Ali's rents come. Ali offers me a ride, but I decline politely. Ali gets in the car and I walk off. Ali's car follows me. They keep trying 2 give me a ride. I eventually give up and get in feeling guilty. They drop me off and I thank them 4 the ride. Go in house. Greet pugs. Change in2 PJ's. Write this. Go back 2 other updates.

September 27, 2002 - Ok sorry that it's been a while. Do u guys even care about what I write? Didn't think so. *sigh* I wore a skirt was interesting. Mhmm. Everyone was staring...A bit 2 fancy. O well. Never wearing a skirt again 2 school. Never. Ever. Listening 2 New Found Glory - Hit Or's catchy. I like catchy songs. *nodding* I'm still wearing the skirt. I just realised that I like, didn't have lunch. Weird. But I'm not hungry. Weeeeeeird. Going 2 Playland 2morrow!!!!! It should be fun. Super fun. Me, Bean, n maybe Ali, Andrew, James, Zac, and Nat. 2 many maybe's. There needs 2 be an even #...not that there ever usually is when we go. Maybe it'll be different this time...Still need 2 tell James about the dream I had about us. I guess I'll do that when I'm done writing this. I hope everyone who reads this is doing good. Hate 2 be doing bad. Not good. =( Awww I'm just gonna give u all a biiiiig hug. *HUG* Ooooo Green Day - Time of Your Life...*giggle* I graduated 2 this song...Well...I walked along the gym in this song...I got Ali, James, and Nat really hyper about our Disneyland road trip 4 grad. *giggles again* I'm having urges 2 watch a bunch of chick flicks. =) Hmmm I dunno what else 2 write...I guess I'll just stop now cuz I'll just blab on about nothing and u'll all get super bored so yeah...going now. Byeeeee!

December 11, 2002 -'s been a while since I've written in this...Hmmmmm o well. Ummmm a lot of shit has happened between September 27, 2002 and now. Ooooo yeah...lotta stuff! OK well I've kinda "relapsed" on the whole depression front. Yeah...that's rite. I cut myself again 4 a week. New scars. There's over 100 scars on my wrist now. How annoying is that? Ugh. Totally not fun! *sigh* I don't exactly go 2 Handsworth anymore. I go 2 a different "school" which is so much better 4 me. I'm with a whole bunch of ppl who r going through the same stuff I am. It's soooo great! I love it! =) Well...I can only love it so much b4 it becomes stupid. Mhmm. *sigh* I don't really feel like talking about it anymore. It's something that I won't share unless u really wanna know. I just wish there were more supportive ppl in my life. This is me signing off. Toodles!

January 2, 2002 - OK Bean didn't like the last entry so I gotta make it up 2 her cuz I love Bean and I like her when she's happy. As I read over the last journal that I've dubbed EE (Evil Entry) I was totally not happy. So now I have some GREAT news 4 u guys! I'm sooooo much better. I'm like happy. I mean my friends r so incredibly kick ass rite now. They're totally supporting me. And I'm coming back 2 Handsworth. Which I'm SOOOOOOO excited about cuz I haven't been there 4 like 3 months so I wanna go back. Only bad thing is trying 2 catch up on everything I missed. =( Not fun. But I'm coming back 2 Dance and Band first!!!!!! Then prob English and Socials. Then Science. It'll be great! O I'm totally lovin the social scene rite now. My nearest and dearest @ Handsworth r Bean, Nat, James, Ali, and Andrew with Chris and Brett almost there. They's the best! I gotta shower, but w/e. O hey...having a guys nite out 2nite with Ali, Andrew, and Ali's bro Chris. We're gonna c Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. It's gonna be great! And I'm gonna c it again with the rest of my nearest and dearest sometime. O yeah...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! My New Years Eve was certainly entertaining...Those who were there know what I mean when I say Diane, Nat, and me were especially hilarious. No...I was NOT drunk....Ur an accusing little bitch rn't u! OK fine...yes...I got drunk...*blushes* I don't do it often OK! Ali found Diane and I really funny. We were like non stop laughing. Crazy man...Then Chris and Brett were kinda coming on2 each other. Nat told me 2 fuck off. I called Andrew the most special person and everyone else just special. And I also love everyone. Diane said Chris was a pretty red thing which cracked me up soooooooo much. Hehehe! We watched Mr. Bean and played with Nat's princess beds. Ali's a very comfy person. Like....REALLY comfy...Smirnoff Ice, Vex, vanilla vodka, and Raspberry Twist Smirnoff r all REALLY REALLY REALLY good...I seriously hope I didn't come on2 anyone or do anything dangerous. But all in all what I remember was pretty fun. Aaaaaaaaah but anyway, life is good rite now and I made a drunk New Years Resolution 2 be happy. Ali will get mad if I break it so I'm gonna try my best. Then there's our little contract meeting thing that needs 2 happen. I'm gonna send out an email 2 everyone. Yeah gonna go do that now so I'll update u guys later. Hope ur New Year is starting off good. Byee! *mwoah* *hug*

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