Halloween 2001!!!!!

On October 31, in the year 2001, Alyssa, Shanelle, Nicole, and Natalie came 2 my house 2 get in2 the "spirit" of Halloween. Nell, Nicky, and Al were a trio of schoolgirls. Nell was the goth one. Nicky the slutty one. And dear Alyssa as the ditzy one. Natalie and I were a pair of devilish chicks in search of some hotties 2 heat things up in Hell. Well, I brought out the camera and here r the pics 2 this interesting evening.

No one knows what Shanelle is doing, but hey...it's funny! Nicky just looks like one of those scary ppl u find in a mosh pit @ Woodstock...=)

Slutty and Goth once again take the dance floor as hardcore rocker babes. U go girls...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What the f*ck am I doing with my face? Nat thinks this is a good pic of me, but um...no. LOL, Natalie looks so scared...

*runs away screaming* This is Nicole after the white powder she claimed was sugar...no...it wasn't.

Well, Nell is in the doorway...There's not much else 2 say bout this pic...

Natalie looks just SO evil...

Nell, plz don't eat Percy. Natalie, point that somewhere else. Nicky, this is not a model school. Alyssa, hahahaha!

I think Natalie's scared of Shanelle...Don't blame her. Nell looks kinda evil there...Nicky remains ever slutty as does Alyssa and her ditzy character.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alyssa, perfect character 4 her 2 play. The little ditzy schoolgirl. I LOVE IT!

The Macarena Party is just gettin started!

Well well well...the trio of schoolgirls shake it around @ the Macarena Party...


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