My Crazy Friends!!! (Don't worry, they don't bite...hard)

OK, well, apart from the fact my friends r gonna kill me (how ever many I'll have left after they c this...). =) I'm gonna hope 4 the best. Damnit...I know my friends can get violent...Fudge. Ah well. Enjoy while this site is still around and in one piece!

Now boys n girls...if u ever c this "thing" run as fast as possible in the other direction of it. It is considered dangerous. Don't be fooled by the polka dot PJ''s trying 2 look cute and cuddly. No. Not gonna happen. I hugged her...and look what happened 2 me. Stay awaaaaay from her. OK ppl, this is Carissa. U know...the "it". =) Awww I love Carissa. She wanted me 2 put this pic up so well, I decided 2 humour her. There's more "interesting" pics of her coming up. (Carissa, u know what I mean...@ school...)

Hehehe! Outdoor School kicks @$$ baby! Here, Alyssa and I r pictured on that eagle watch dyke thing (hehe dyke...). Awww look @ Alyssa and her bright clothes. Then look @ me and my...not so bright clothing...*sigh* Damn me and dark colours!

This is y I don't talk 2 Carissa anymore. She sends me things like this. But then again...she created Ed the I love her. =)

I don't know what Nicky and Min r doing...but Nicky looks like she's having fun...Min just looks scared. Run Min run!

Well well well it's Alyssa...She got really pissed @ me 4 taking this if I remember rightly...LOL...2 bad. She's Al and I love her. =)

Once again, Nicky looks like she's having fun and Min is scared. Nicky looks kinda drugged up...Nicky, what have u been smoking?

Hahaha! Carissa looks so horny/scary!!! Bean just looks cute (as always, lol). God...look @ Carissa! She's fucking freaky!

This is Nat's pic outside the skating rink. As u can c, she's not nearly as seductive as me. Silly girl. NAT, I KNOW U CAN BE DIRTY!

Umm...this is Carissa "studying". It's a new method. As u sleep, the words on the page r transferred in2 ur brain by chemical reactions between the pen ink and ur skin. =) Actually, Carissa's a lazy bum who can't stay awake 2 save her life.

Awww Alyssa's a cutie! Look @ her rosy cheeks and pretty hair! I LOVE THAT BITCH!

OK so Elmo isn't exactly part of my friends, but he belongs 2 James!!!! Awwwwwwwww Elmo! Ignore the happy face in the top left corner. =)

OK so Justin isn't quite my friend anymore, nevermind crazy buddy, but Nat and I still talk about him all the time. =) My short little ex crazy buddy....

Dig looks so cute in this pic. Hahahaha Justin's trying 2 get as far away from her as possible. He was so shy it was adorable!

"I promise 2 share and be a friend". The joys of Sparks. =) I loved the pinkness!!!! So much pink! Alyssa and I look like such loners. The only ppl there...

James goes soaring through the air on his trusty skateboard. Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!

James looks like an elf! I capture the moments so well. *sigh* The fun of hackey sacks...

Ali fell down. Poor Ali. Here's a hug Skater Boy. *hug*

Ali is focused. His concentration is completely taken up on the hackey sack. He is the master.

James looks good with the gelled hair and shade. *thumbs up* We don't know what he's doing here. An interesting pose 4 the camera...

James on his trusty skateboard.

I don't know what 2 say.

What the fuck happened 2 this pic? It looks all screwy. O well. 2 lazy 2 rescan it. James looks good in this pic. Dunno bout Nat.

James is LL Cool J....Ladies Love Cool James...Scary how that's what LL Cool J actually stands 4. I'm scared.

Min looks so cute n happy here!

This is Natalie. Natalie is happy. Smile Natalie smile!

Nat walking down the evil stairs. Wearing Mark's sweatshirt. It's mine bitch!

A nice up close pic of Nat. How sweet.

Nat "working hard" from far away.

Nat "working hard" up close. French.

Nat's ass. WEARING MARK'S SWEATSHIRT!!!! It's miiiiine. But I gave it back. But he wants me 2 have it. *shrug* Mine. But anyway, Nat's ass.

The Happy Club. Nicky is president. President Davidson.

Nicky spreads her love around. COOTIES!!!!!!!!

Nicky is outraged. Someone isn't happy. Quick! Smile everyone!

Nicky wants EVERYONE 2 be happy...except Robin. She's not fat u dumbass!

Shanelle is hungry. Feed her.

Don't hurt me Shanelle...Plz...I love u....Sort of...Ha...ha...ha...RUN!!!! *turns and runs*

Ali always does this. It's like he was born 2 space out. He just...stares...It's kinda creepy if ur not used 2 it, but w/e. I'm used 2 it. It's OK. I wuv u Ali!!!!!! *hug*

The eyes....OMG...they look soooo niiiiiiice. James, u have nice eyes, but u know that already. =) Hehehehe the spiky gelled hair. =)=)=)=)

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