My Unique, One-Of-A-Kind, Original, Authentic Family! (Ya gotta 'em!)

I dunno y I chose the twig bar...but's cool. I can deal with it. *innocent smile* Yes, so this is my family...I'll introduce when needed along the way. Sit back, relax, and meet the wonderful ppl I call...freaks...(no I don't mean my friends...I mean family)

Aww..cutie Faye on a boat. Nice shades Faye.

OK, I'm making the scared face cuz I used 2 HATE roller coasters. That's changed a lot. This is in Disneyland in the lineup 4 the Matterhorn Bobsleds (duh!). Ooooo Faye has braces!!!!

I'm not related 2 her. We found her in a garbage can. I SWEAR!!!!!! Well, this kinda goes with the scary pic of me doesn't it...

*screaming* WHAT'S WITH EVERYONE ACTING RETARDED?!?!? It's scaring me! OK, my dad's normal...I think...Yes he's normal. Don't worry.

YAY! A normal pic! Awww a loving mother n daughter pic on New Years Eve. How cute! I love it...I didn't look that bad 4 once!

I just wanna know what Faye's about 2 do. It looks like she's gonna slap me or something. Hahaha...I'm cute!

Awww my cats!!! They're kinda dead now, but they really do live on!!!!!

I'm not laughing with Faye. I'm laughing @ Faye.

Gaaaaaaaaaav!!!!!!!! And Tom. And Auntie Pauline. And Uncle John. Hehehehehe! Doesn't Gavin look adorable?!

How 2 look dirty with ice cream....use ur tongue and suck on it a lot. =)

I couldn't even reach the midget banana trees. How depressing is that?

Awwwwwww!!! I look adorable!!!!!!

We're just one big happy family!

O how cute! My rents!

Disney is part of my family. Leave me alone!

O sure...Faye got the nice cat. My kitten just HAD 2 be the bitchy one. Grrrrrr...o well.


Double shudder.

Triple shudder.

Faye gives us her best smile on her 16th bday.

Ewww...she touched me!

Aw glad we got a pick of that Halloween. Look @ her! She looks so evil! She looks so slutty! Her dress is made out of a garbage man...

Oooo an action shot! That head in the background is me...I think. But anyways....ACTION SHOT!

Ummm my dad looks odd. Faye should know better than 2 smile with braces. They make her look scary!

Awww how cute! A pic of Faye and Dad! They both actually look normal in this one. *gasp*

He looks scary...

*cough* Don't know him. Not related 2 him. No clue who he is. Who is this man, y do I have a pic of him, and how did he get on my web site? Sabotage.

This is Momma sleeping.

Faye chills in our purple inner tube. *cough* geek *cough*

O how sweet!

I swear that's not Faye.

I have no idea what the hell Faye was doing. Faye is also quite unsure. All we know is that it's funny.


Faye was kinda out of it that day.

Faye likes fish.

Us @ the Canada part of the Epcot World Showcase. We missed home. =)

Us @ the Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. We don't know what Faye's problem is.

They were holding me down. I swear.

Awwwww Nannie (my grandma on Dad's side)!!!

I remember that doll. I loved it, but mom just HAD 2 throw it away now didn't she? *glares @ Mom*

In Disneyland and calling New Zealand. I didn't approve.

Y is my family always caught with the scariest facial expressions?

*sigh* It's Faye. No other comments necessary.

I look French. =) I never did like birds. Bad experiences with them.

Quadruple shudder.

Awww my little cousin eating cake! He looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!! What's Gav doing in the background?

No comment.

What can I say?

O geez...the matching outfits were taken 2 even swimsuits....It's awwwwww but also *shudder*.

Somehow Faye managed 2 graduate. R u as confused as I am?

Yet another annoying sister pic. Y do I always look scary in them?

Faye digs her spiffy band uniform. I'm gonna have 2 wear one of those after this year. *shudder*

Percy and Neville seem 2 like the band uniform 2.

Faye washing her face.

*shudder* Robin....O how nice...his hair matches his tie. Y does he coordinate like that? *shudder* Thank God u got rid of him Faye!!!

Faye's ass. A picture taken by her friend Jessica. There is nothing else 2 say.

Hehehe...Nelson Santiago...Faye's new guy. He's a sweetie. Much better than Robin. He's 22, in the Marines, and is buff as hell. Good job Faye!

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