Pics of Me!!!!!!!! of me..finally up...YAY!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm such a hottie...*cough* not *cough* Enjoy the magical me that u r about 2 c! (great poetry there Erin...)

*clears throat* No, this is not what I used 2 wear 4 fun. This is Halloween. Yes that's rite. Halloween. Not 4 fun. Halloween. Got that? Good. There's nothing more 2 say except I find this pic strangely amusing, maybe cuz I look kinda seductive @ the tender age of 7. =P

I loved this costume. *sniff* I was so sad when we had 2 get rid of it. My momma made it 4 me by hand...*sniff* HAHAHAHAHA! Look @ my face!!!! I look retarded!!!! O wait...I'm baring my teeth in what looks like a leopard I'm-about-2-eat-u look. I get it now.

Erm...ok...I can explain my drugged up look...I was burnt, really hot, Percy was wriggling, and tired. Good? I think not. Oooo look @ my forced smile...not a good day 4 Erin...

Guaranteed nightmares after lookin @ this one...Dearie-o...I look whacked out. Worse than pic with Percy...Wow...And yes, I was trying 2 look high then. Not just by accident. I think Faye took this one...Shoulda known bettaaaaaaah.

Hehehe! Percy looks like ET!! ET go home...GO HOME DAMNIT. looks so hilarious! I love it! LOOK @ HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! Then look @ me...o dear...I look really weird in this pic. My eyes don't look rite...*sigh*

I'm plotting how 2 steal the hottie over 2 the rite...Yes, that's it. Look @ me go...Watch out hotties, I can smuggle u to somewhere more "private" with ease. *wink* Yeah, so anyway, this pic was taken @ Karen Magnussen skating rink while Nat and I were waiting 4 everyone 2 come. =)

O God...I looked so...different...Different hair, different clothes, different makeup. Everything was so different. Scary. Ah well, I liked it. =)

Ummmm ok so this technically has nothing to do with the physical picture of me, but ya's my christening cake! My one and only cake! I hate fruit cake though so I'm glad I didn't have to eat any of this. =)

Me on my way 2 the wonderful world of school. Yeh rite. 2 think I actually liked school back then.

Rn't I just the most adorable thing u've ever seen in ur entire life? *cough* no *cough* Well, um, I was still cute! I was born with black hair spiked red at the tips. Totally punk. Woohoo!!! The nurses fought over me! =)

Hehehehehehe! I have bells tied 2 my wrist! I remember that teddy bear...I loved that thing...then my mom threw it out. My mom said I was always sucking my thumb. I'd say I've moved on2 sucking other things, but NO!

I had my good days. I had my bad days. Like any other baby. I'm sure u had days in ur infancy when u just weren't photogenic! This is one of mine...

This is another bad photo day. O shut up! Fuck...I had a square head on my bad days. =( I'm a cube. =(

O God...Nicky understands this pic and y I call it Little Annie May...long story there. Hehehe! Me asleep with my kitties!!! They've unfortunately passed away, but I still live on. Cat power! *does peace sign*

I was ready to knock that damn camera outta my momma's hands! =) Damn papparazzi parents!

Don't ask. Nat made me do it.

Everyone's got some weird pics of them. Wow...I had long hair...=)

Hehehehe Erin on a trampoline. I bounce. Mhmm.

Halloween is such a fun time 2 naturally be ur scary self and frighten everyone!

I don't think I quite liked what was being fed 2 me. No. Definitely not.

I was attracted 2 flowers when I was young apparantly. I used 2 always go up 2 them and smell them. I was an odd child.

That's my old cat Smokey. She had 2 be put 2 sleep shortly after this pic was taken. She was kinda violent, but I still loved her!

I was cool. Ooooo yeah.

Faye and I always used 2 make our rents go 2 a hotel gym so we could play on the equipment. I always liked the treadmill. *looks @ treadmill 20 feet away from her rite in the corner* *shudders*

I was a messy eater when it came 2 cake. I love cake. A little 2 much.

I love feeding those kangaroos! They're so cute and friendly! Then later on I'll eat them and feel completely guilty about it. They taste so good though!

I liked horseback riding 2. Used 2 take lessons when I "lived" in Texas 4 a few months. Long story bout that, don't ask.

I absolutely adore this pic of me! Look @ me! The shades...the bathing suit...the cuteness! I was an adorable child!

This is me @ midnite with a stack of books. I used 2 love 2 read. Still like it, but I'm not as keen. I used 2 get up @ midnite, grab a whole pile of books, sit outside my room, and read. It was great!

Hard 2 believe I used 2 dance if u know me. I don't appear 2 be the dancing sort, but I did dance @ points in my life. I am trained in the arts of tap, ballet, jazz, and I think interpretive. (lol @ the was fun ok?!)

I didn't know y Faye did this 2 me. I only knew that if I didn't do what she said I would be severely beaten by that damn stick. I spent my life jumping through hoops 4 Faye and going 2 Disneyland. The contreversy amazes me.

The second most popular Stone Family Vacation Spot...Hawaii! The sun, the sand, the surf, the stinging jellyfish...Aaaahhh the life! Been stung by those damn jellyfish like 6 times. *hisses and shakes fist @ screen*

I used 2 like dressing in Faye's clothes as a young child. Good thing I'm a girl. That could make interesting yet effective blackmail pics 4 the future. 2 bad...I'm all female and I'll prove it if u pay me enough. (lol)

Awww man....I loved that skirt! (That's the Daintree River in Australia in the background) That was the best skirt in the entire world. Loved it so much!

*points and laughs* I look adorable!

Me in a chair...what else can I say?

I was a naughty girl so they took me 2 court. Naw...I'm an angel...Actually we did some court scene in school and got 2 go 2 a *~real~* court 2 act it out. Woooohoooo! Cuff me baby!

Me in a tree. How exciting.

Faye and I had a weird addiction with cemetaries in England. This is proof. We really were odd kids. Ask the rents.

Help! I'm stuck in the stocks with exceptionally large holes in which I could easily escape! AND I have ugly feet! O shut up and let me have my stupid fun.

Awwww look @ the cute liddle pug. Then look @ me and shudder....yes I can sense the shuddering...I don't blame u. Shudder all u want. I look quite odd in this pic....Quite...odd.

Anyone who has been 2 Playland with me knows I adopt the "Enlightened Thinker" pose 4 every pic on a ride. I just thought we should have a memory of it.

Anyone who knows me at school knows that I have a certain possession of my bag. I refuse 2 leave it out of my site unless I know it'll be safe. I feel a connection between it and me. Yeah I know...I'm weird.

Wahoo!!!! I'm so happy!!!! It's a pic of me where I look kinda cute!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but if u look @ all the other pics of me on this page u'll find that most of them r slightly...odd. Yeah so getting a good pic of me totally makes my day.

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