My Magical World Of Disney!!!

Disney! Disney! Disney!

If u ask any of friends what my biggest obsession is they'll tell u it's Disney and Disneyland. I love that damn company! I've been 2 Disneyland 15 times. I know my way around that place blindfolded. I've done prjects on Disneyland. I've made web sites about Disneyland. I own a hell of a lot of Disney movies. Half my Desktop Themes r Disney. Half my damn music is Disney. I'm planning on building a Disney house. I AM OBSESSED!!!! When I decide 2 get a job (which should be sometime soon) first place I'm going is The Disney Store. I always have 2 go 2 that store when I go 2 that side of Park Royal. Disney's just a magical place and I can 4get about everything in the real world.

Hahaha! I love Jessica Rabbit! She's so slutty and sassy! She's great!

My friends rn't as Disney loving except 4 Ali, James, and Nat. Everyone else seems 2 be slightly intolerant of it. That kinda hurts me cuz I don't really know how they can't love Disney. Not like Disney's done anything bad 2 them. Not like I shove Disney in their face every second. I give them space so they're not smothered in Mickey memorabilia. Heck I hardly talk about Disney anymore cuz I know it pissed them off. 4 grad I'm insisting that we all go 2 Disneyland and celebrate. None of them r interested except 4 Ali, James, and Nat. It's insane! I was so crushed when the other ppl said they would prefer 2 go 2 somewhere like Hawaii. *sniff* I just don't get it...

Mickey has his arms crossed...what am I supposed 2 say?

OK, I admit Disney is going kinda overboard with all those damn sequels, and the type of merchandise they're slapping Disney on is a bit silly, but come on! It's selling! Ppl like it! I'd buy it all if I had the cash. It's not trap operated by a mouse, it's a way of life 2 some. It's the reason 4 existence. @ least I'm not like them! But I will be...soon...Mwoahahahha!!!!!!!!

Welcome 2 the Happiest Place on Earth. This sign is kinda old...they updated the whole area after putting in the California Adventure park.

When I get past the grad of 2005 I either plan on studying 2 become a psychologist or an Imagineer @ Disneyland. They're the ppl who create the rides. They're the creative geniuses behind the shows. They r the Disneyland ppl and I mite be one of them! If I do choose the Imagineer path I'll be going 2 the College of Disneyalnd in Anaheim. Once I've graduated from there I'll be moved 2 Glendale and start working. There r several different types of Imagineers, but I'm not sure what they r or which I would be. I just know that Imagineering is a career option 4 me. I am cool!

Mickey thinks ur OK!

I don't like the ppl who hate Disney. They're evil ppl. Like seriously, what did Disney do 2 them? I'd understand if there was some sort of bad memory connected 2 a movie or something, but just hating it isn't exactly worth it. It's a great company! Disneyland is a great place! It's safe. It's clean. It's happy. It's not super expensive 4 a day there. It's safe. It's got stuff 4 all ages. The ppl there r nice n friendly. The rides r great! And there's food 4 everyone! Most children's dream is 2 meet Mickey Mouse and go 2 Disneyland or Disney World. I don't know anyone who hasn't dreamed @ least once about going there.

Isn't that just the most adorable thing in the world?

I'm not the only Disney nut out there. There's 100's (no exaggeration) of fan sites out there completely dedicated 2 the parks, movies, characters, and memorabilia. So many out there love Disney and that makes me super happy, but it doesn't make up 4 those who hate Disney. It really is crushing. Really.

Peace, love, Mickey. <--- My Disney motto

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