My Cutie Patootie Cliques and Adoptions!

Aaaaah the world of cliques and adoptions...They're all so cute n funny...Gotta love em. Maybe I'm a wee bit obsessed, but ya know try and stop me. *evil laugh* Ok so yes...all the cliques and adoptions r mushed on2 the same page(s) so just smile and nod if u get confused. Got it? Smile and nod...Good. We're all clear. This page will be jam packed and maybe upload slow...and may vibrate due 2 a lot of animations...I'll try and space it all out. No promises though. Hahaha. Smile and nod. Good. Ur getting the hang of this. Now look @ the assload of stuff I've collected. There's a lot. Hahahahhaha. Smile and nod. Fade out. Good.

scented // skittles

boundless mind

Support the Fight!

ill love them >>always forever


OMG...I don't know the site address 4 this one!!! I feel so bad cuz I'm like...stealing! If anyone knows the URL 4 this site then plzzzzzzz email it 2 me so I can put my worried mind @ ease!!!!!

Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! The next ones r so incredibly cute!!!! A magic tea party!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!! *makes cute little whimpering noises of excitement* O shut up.

My slugs were adopted from The CyberSlug Adoption Center. I love slugs. =)

These r some birthstone fairies I adopted 4 me and my friends. The order is January, April, May, June, July, September, and December.

Hehehehe! Seasonal faeries!!!! They go Autumn, Winter, Spring, then Summer.

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