California '01 With Alyssa!

California with Alyssa in the summer of 2001 was a total blast! 3 days @ Disneyland baby! I LOVED IT!!! We're going again Al!

This is us on Pier 39 in San Francisco. The guy on the far left is Robin, Faye's bf. *sigh* Anyways, yes, us on Pier San Fran. Yay...

Eeeeekers! Me on Muscle Beach? Only 2 look @ hot guys. 2 bad the only guy around was Robin...Yeah, so this is in Santa Monica...the whole pier thing going on in the background. Oooo...I'm wearing my booty shorts LOL...I seem 2 like that t-shirt...Well, yeah, I do actually.

The 2 greatest chefs in the world. Momma Stone and Goofy! (Get out the pic Robin) Hehehee...they're so cute!

Faye and Robin r pictured here @ the Disneyland Main Entrance when u first come in and there's that big ass Mickey head made of flowers. Well, that's it rite there. And there's the little Main Street Railroad Station in the background. I get giddy when I first c the Mickey head, by the way.

Faye and Robin (once again) r pictured here in front of Mann's Chinese Theater with a statue. This is in Hollywood 4 all u California challenged. It's behind all the hand and footprints of the famous ppl.

This is such a good pic of my rents!!! And in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran no less!!! WOW!!!!

*hysterical laughter* Even the Disney characters don't like Robin. I can just imagine it. "Eat this Robin Maxted!" "Noooooooooooo!" *smush* And Robin now has some of Chef Goofy's cake in his face. Note that Faye is doing nothing what-so-ever 2 help her loverboy out. LOL...go Faye!!!

Awww Terk!

We're so in2 our books. The synchronised I don't even remember seeing my mom taking this pic. Good thing u can't read what books we're reading. LOL!

Me and Alyssa had big plans 2 steal this damn trolley. But noooo we weren't allowed. Damn u Mom!

Hehehehehehe! California Screamin'! That's the best roller coaster!

This the cutest pic of Alyssa I've ever seen! She looks sooooooooooooooooooooo completely adorable!

Dad stop it. Ur scaring Alyssa.

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