All About Me!!!! (Come on, u went here, expect no modesty)

Full Name: Erin Laura Stone
Age: 15
Family: 'Rents, sis, and 2 pugs (Percy and Neville)
Fave Colour: Blue, purple, pink, silver, and black
Fave Activities: Chattin 2 my friends on MSN Messenger, talkin on the phone, hanging out, working on my web site, shopping, having fun with cameras, going 2 Disneyland, writing, reading, sleeping, watching movies, and being hyper
Fave Edible Item: Pixy Stix, Mountain Dew, Zours, liquorice, popcorn, salad, Cream Soda, pineapple juice, blueberries, pears, apples, cereal, chocolate, pizza, carrots, peas, and ummm....Mello Yello!
Guilty Pleasures I Indulge In 2 Much: Rings, earrings, glowsticks, disposable cameras, the Internet, my cell phone, stupid dances, music, Disney, the phone, candy, and doing nothing seems u wish 2 find out more about interesting. Should I be pleased or scared? I shall think about that. Enough stalker talk. This page is about me (go figure) so here's all this great wonderful info about me. *rolls eyes in disgust* Anyways....

How thrilling, I'm a taurus. I am stubborn, loyal, friendly, and loveable. Nuff said.

I blow the candles out on a cake once year on May 17. Don't ask about the pig, but that was the closest thing I could get 2 me. =)

I am Canadian....

A British Columbian 2 be more specific. A North Vancouverite if u wanna get really technical.

O, I 4got. That's PROUDLY Canadian. =)

A proud Canadian female.

Had enough? Hey, u asked 4 it.