More Cutie Patootie Cliques and Adoptions!

I have more....many many more....Sorry but they're addictively collectible! =)

The next 76 cyber pets r courtesy of: but I'm going 2 put them in2 groups since there's so many of them. Just thought I'd explain....=)

Phoebe Will Stephen Lena Julia Grace

Tina Nick Kevin Annie Angelina

Serena Lyra Jason Eden

Jenna Fiona Faye Ciera Alana Sylvia Iris Carolyn Todd Nora Zahra Teri Matt Lily Jasmine Genessa Rhiannon

Jeff Heidi Hannah Bobby

Karisma, Guardian of Energy Kalista, Guardian of Peace Laurel, Guardian of Hope Evangeline, Guardian of Strength Psyche & Eros, Guardians of Love Trinity, Guardian of Three Solange, Guardian of Serenity

Neve, Guardian of Winter Daphne, Guardian of Spring Soleil, Guardian of Summer Amber, Guardian of Fall

Zeus Pan Owen Neina Naia Gwena Esmerelda Corenelius Anthony

Mena Ivy Eve Cara Molly Luna

Leelu Samantha Malu Gemma

Happy Harry Bitten Bob Peppermint

Mr. Tsurukawa Mrs. Tsurukawa Georgia Belle HunnyBear Mary Jack April

The following 38 guardians were adopted from Amanda's Page Guardian Adoptions.

Amity, Guardian of Friendship Burtette, Guardian of the Aries Sign Bethany, Guardian of All Felines Blythe, Guardian of Gay and Gay-Friendly People Bosco & Fidelia, Guardians of Puppies Brooke, Guardian of Journeys Celina, Guardian of the Cancer Sign Cassia, Guardian of Peace Ceres, Guardian of Witches and Wicca Corina, Guardian of Abused People Cornflower, Guardian of Furries, Werecreatures, and Lycanthropes Eolande, Guardian of Mystic Realms Gaia, Guardian of Earth, Rocks, and Stones Galeviel, Guardian of Health Giselle, Guardian of Students Gossamer, Guardian Against Bad Dreams Guenevere, Guardian of Rainbows Hesper, Guardian of Midnight and Stars Holly, Guardian of the colour Red Iolanthe, Guardian of Divine Emotions (Love) Jubilani, Guardian of Jokes and Humour Alize, Guardian of the Libra Sign Lilith, Guardian of Medieval Times and Castles Luciana, Guardian of Air Malaika, Guardian of Black Malin, Guardian of Modern Music Mithariel, Guardian of everything Blue Ophelia, Guardian of Innocence Paola, Guardian of Teenagers Polixeness, Guardian of Water Eugenie, Guardian of the Sagittarius Sign Seamus, Guardian of Charming Princes (Inside and Out) Shatania, Guardian of Fire Shiri, Guardian of The Soul and Medidation Silvara, Guardian of Silver and all things Luminous Quanda, Guardian of the Taurus Sign Thalia, Guardian of Stories and Poetry Twyla, Guardian of Computers

The following clique type things were found @ Fashion Chick Magazine.

I'm like Woodstock life life large I believe in miracles in luv wit a vamp in luv wit an angel move over reese!

[happy mutant] [mischief] [i'm a superhero!] [i will offend you] [i'm different] [yoda rules!] [walking dictionary] [i'm not stupid!] [i keep a journal!]

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