My 15th Bday Party Pics!

Well, my bday was one wild party. It involved Eminem - Without Me being played waaaaaaaaay 2 much, Nat showing us her Nelly - Hot In Herre dance, most ppl going outside, a lot of glowsticks, balloons, interesting presents (the batteries), a blue feather boa, blueberry sceneted Claire's roll on glitter, sitting around doing nothing, and most importantly...2 disposable cameras. This is the evidence of a good time. =)

O's me...the bday girl. Bow down!

I don't think Nat wanted this one taken...

Awwwwwwwwww this is such a cute pic!

The hair...the fake nose stud...the evil smile...It's such a Nat thing.

Run n hide...Nat's been let out.

Nat and Min want those Reese Bites and they want them NOW!

Min patiently waits for Nat to open the Reese Bites.

Min finds a new friend.

Alyssa is unsure of how 2 react 2 a camera being shoved in her face. *~4 reference, Nat took this pic...she's the evil, space invading photographer~*

James seems 2 like his ball of silly string...I worry about him.

Bean tries 2 explain something 2 Nat...without results. Nat's a secret blonde. I think she dyes her hair.

Ali looks a lil 2 happy there holding my present. (Thanks 4 the boa Skater Boy!)

No one knows what Ali is doing. It looks like dancing, but one can never be sure.

Ali standing there looking cute.

James needs something...we just don't know what.

Can anyone explain this one 4 me? In other words, r u doing?

Yeah...he really needs something....but what?

Explanation of this pic: Ali is singing I'm 2 Sexy (the dark figure in the top rite corner) and James is dancing 2 it. By the way, James...what r u pointing @ and y?

I can put this pic up's just the boa ones. Mwoahahaha. Don't worry ppl...James isn't gay...unless he's not telling us something...James?

Well...they decided 2 play baseball with The Balloon. Me and James were laughing 4 a while. Who tore down my bday flags?!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such a cute pic!!!!!!!

Nat flaunts her supposedly sexy self. (We all know I'm sexier!)

Me and some of my bday presents.

Me laughing hysterically.

All my pretty ballons. Gotta love the lips ones! Beware of The Balloon...located in the middle.

Ali checks out the dancing girls.

Alyssa discovers the joys of roll on glitter.

*cough* Ali...don't play with those balloons. They're dirty looking.

Ali and James give the camera a smile with their glowsticks (u gotta look kinda hard 2 c them).

Ali sings I'm A Little Teapot 4 the crowd, actions and all.

Ali gets in2 his lip sync of I Can Go The Distance from Disney's Hercules.

The beautiful banner made by Nat only cuz I forced her and gave her like 7 magazines 2 make it with. The things I have 2 do 2 feel loved and special...Sheesh.

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