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The tsunami was a terrible thing so many people were lost and homes destroyed.

Tsunamis are often incorrectly called tidal waves! But these two waves are not related in any way. A tsunami is a series of ocean waves that can travel great distances.In deep oceans a tsunami can reach up to 500mph and can average up to 30 feet tall. As the big waves approach the shallow waters along the coast they grow to be great heights and smash into the shores.There have been records in the past that some tsunami's have reached over 100 feet tall! The waves travel in all directions.

As we all know the tsunami did much damage to Asia it destroyed many homes and killed many people but many people are still alive and need clothes,shelter, food, and water! But with the help from us the pace of the rebuilding is picking up!!!.

The devestation of the tsunami overshadowed the devestation of any other tsunami we have seen in recent history, but scientifically, the course of the events followed the same as an tropical tsunami! Web Factory