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Welcome to Teammessiah! This is a Christian running ministry for anyone who had given their life to Jesus Christ and would like to represent him in the sport of running. This ministry is open to anyone World wide, it's fun, rewarding, and you can take part right from your own home town. If you love the Lord and love to run, feel free to join us today! While you are here, check out our other pages.

This years Toaster Blast was a lot of fun. We had a good turn out and a much improved coarse. This is one crosscountry race that you really shouldn't miss. And with the new creek crossings, it is more fun than ever.

Keep your eyes on this page. We will have at least 2 cameras at the Toaster Blast just in case you can't make it. You will be able to see all the fun that you missed. I will put up a new page with all the pictures. Lets face it! Its more fun if you just come to the race yourself! See you there!

The Sunday Sundae and the Colbert Half Marathon are a couple of our fall funruns. I will put the story and results on the same page. You can also read about a big mistake I made that almost cost me my life! I will approach the half marathon with more caution and water next time. No website would be complete without a few amazing running stories. I have had these bottled up inside me long enough. I need to tell someone and it might as well be the world. I hope you enjoy them. If you have a running story you would like to share, send it to the email address below.

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