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Toaster Blast Photo's

I don't have many pictures yet. I hope that will change when we get the video's in. But I will put up what I have for now. The problem is that when you are in a run or the guy who is the race director, it is hard to get many pictures. I considered running with my camera and taking pictures as I ran but I was afraid I would trip or something and that would be the end of my six hundred dollar camera. I have already bit the dust once before in this race. Trail running takes just about all of your concentration.

When the parking lot is full, you know that you had a good turnout. That was the case here. There is not many people standing around because they are watching the womens run.

Is this a race or a cook off!

Actualy, these guys were waiting for the womens start. The guy with the watch would be better off timing the toast though I think! Below is the womens winner.

Here are the two fast guys, Chris Morlan won the race to the mile and Corey Brantley took the overall win. I am still not sure if this was preplaned or what. Oh well, it's nice when the prizes are spread around a little. Here are the rest of the pics.