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Team Messiah Toaster Blast V

Pics and story
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This years Toaster Blast was a big splash thanks to the new creek crossing. We all got to get our feet wet. Some did more than that, in fact, I think one of the ladies decided to take a bath! It was a hot day and the water was nice and cool.

This years toaster was about the worst looking thing I have ever seen. Get this, it was held together with duct tape! Now if that isn't something straight off the Red Green show! Well, turns out it worked better than anything we have ever used before. Nothing like a beat up old toaster to give you that quick hot toast.

Now here is an honest looking guy. I am sure that he wouldn't do anything like steal the toast used to start the race. Or would he?

Well, what a day! We had a new course, we broke some old records, got our feet wet, and had a lot of fun. Things could not have gone much better. I even beat my last years time.