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Post Human Poetry

Post Human Poetry

the intangible beauty of ideas
the solid rock of reality
and we exist somewhere between
some soar
skimming past the earth
some stand
embedded in stone
we lay
in the sand
with the waters of truth
washing over our feet
- Shannan Laktin



You sit somewhere –away

A world in my head

and yours

I dream at night of the smiles

that I’ve never seen

and wonder if I’m sane

What truths do we find

in this web of lies

are there some things you can’t hide?

Pain we can never leave behind…

-Shannan Laktin



I dance alone across the wooden floor

my feet shifting through the words

reinventing their meaning for my world


My vision fills with partners

subtly changing the dance by where they stand

in their own little rooms


All of us


by imagined glass.

-Shannan Laktin