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CAE & My Position

Promise 5: New Consciousness Summary: CAE believe that the idea of the Internet promoting a new human consciousness is deceptive at best, and malicious at worst. By claiming that the Internet represents the conscious thought of humanity, the western world is able to ignore the voices of the majority of the people who live on this planet. The Internet represents a myopic vision of the world; only those people who have the money and education to access the technology are heard. No system that was built for the military and transformed into a corporate haven will ever be able to represent a positive evolution of humanity, or human thought. My Position: The Internet is in its infancy, and like any child, born for whatever purpose, it has the potential to be anything, and do anything. As a reflection of humanity, and human interaction, the Internet is limited by one thing only: humanity itself. In order for the Internet to reflect humanity as whole, people must begin to change the world. If a new human consciousness is ever to appear on the Internet, it must first appear in people. As change begins in society, society can use the Internet as a tool to further that change. The true, unique power of the Internet lies in its scope; there is nothing as fast or as far reaching as the Internet. This incredible scope may be able to act as the catalyst for change. If society can surpass the minimal threshold, if enough voices cry out, the words will ripple throughout the consciousness, the people that the Internet represents, initiating revolution. Like any tool, use defines the purpose of the Internet, and despite what it was created for, what it is used for will shape its future.