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In the traditional legend of the Golem, clay formed in the image of man, by Rabbi Leow, comes to life through his use of the secret “power of words and letters.” (Piercy, 28) This legend has provided inspiration to both the Jewish people and to those who would harness the power of creation. For modern day Jewish children, the legend is still vibrant and easily accessible. The Golem has come to live on the Internet, on a site, which follows the Golem and his modern day creator, tracking their exploits and escapades. In this modern comic book adventure, the Golem is created in a factory, and his creator sends him on secret missions worthy of James Bond. From the original detective, to the modern day secret agent, the Golem has evolved with times. From clay to artificial neurons, the ability to mold substance into being continues to be sought after. The Golem project (Genetically Organized Lifelike Electro Mechanics), seeks to create life. Small populations of robots are given “genetic sequences” and left to reproduce. The ability of these small populations to evolve certain characteristics, similar to phylogenic trees, opens up astounding possibilities. These robots even demonstrate “cases of convergence, speciation, and massive extinction.” (Lipson) Although they represent a basic level of creation, they lay the groundwork for the creation of species made in the image of man. In the traditional legend of the Golem, Rabbi Leow lays the Golem to rest in an attic, which he locks to prevent discovery. The potential that exists in creation is tremendous. We have the ability to create, without the ability to understand. There is an inherent danger in creation without knowledge. As science races ahead, Rabbi Leow leaves his Golem in the attic, with dire warnings about the dangers he represents.


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