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Shannan Laktin

Shannan Laktin

About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Shannan Laktin, or Shara Koozmichna Lahtina. My family, on both sides is of Russian descent, more specifically from a group of Russian Emigrants known as the Doukhobors. My childhood was an odd blend of Russian language and traditions more than a century old, and rural Canadian life. Consequently I spent just as much time hiking, camping and fishing as I did learning my pasalmi (prayers), which we sang and read everywhere we went. I still dream sometimes in Russian. When I am angry, you can hear my grandmother, I speak with her accent anytime emotion carries me away. Even my best English carries the threads of my inheritance; I forget how to arrange my words. The haunting a cappella music of my people is not simply the soundtrack of my life, but the rules by which I live.

The picture of the two women is my great grandmother, and her best friend, and they are singing one of my favorite songs.



Photography by: Ed Chernoff

Recorded by: Peter Offerman

Singing: Nora Laktin and Gertie Konkin


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