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Bahamas Out Island News

Bahamas news,
Long Island to get
two new Marinas.

Huge European investment
on Long Island.

See Northern Long Island area map below
and proposed area on the right.
Updated info, maps and full details for this project are available by clicking here

Or you can visit the Port St George website on the link below.
Port St George, Bahamas
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The following text has been shamelessly lifted from a Long Island couple's web-site, Roy and Tracey, Thanks to them.
While this extract is mainly about Long Island building lots and the island in general, there is a very interesting comment on the proposed marinas at the bottom.

LONG ISLAND (NORTH) - a brief guide and personal view.

"The vendor is a company that owns thousands of acres of land on Long Island. Some of this is for sale. They have plots that are typically 1/3-1/2 acre, though double plots are possible, and all can be built on. Prices vary from about $60,000 for 1/3 of an acre of low land to around $500,000 for half an acre at elevation with stunning views. I should point out that the island is only 4 miles at its widest (and between 65 and 85 miles long, depending on who you talk to). The plots we are talking about are at the northern end of the island where it is only 3/4 of a mile wide so everywhere has Atlantic ocean and/or Caribbean views, but those on the higher land are stupendous as opposed to just good, often with a panoramic vista of the island and both bodies of water. There are some lakeside lots as well. They also have commercial properties too. All land comes with free title and planning permission is granted as a matter of routine. There is no time limit for building.

A lot of people have been asking about beach/ocean front lots and I have been asked to make a special point about these. Beach/ocean front is available, but this is in the higher price bracket and I really can’t stress strongly enough that, on such a narrow island where EVERYWHERE is close to the beach, this type of land does not carry the importance it would do in other locations. We were obsessed with the beachfront idea ourselves when we first went there, but soon realized that it simply wasn’t important and that, anyway, maintenance costs would be a lot higher there due to salt spray. To give you a guideline, we bought half an acre of land with elevation, 200 yards from the Atlantic and with a view of somewhere around 25 miles of unspoiled Caribbean coast. We have 8 beaches within a couple of minute's walk.

There is a small but thriving community on the island. There are shops, bars, restaurants, a brand new tennis club, superb diving and snorkeling areas, world class bone fishing, an international airport and the only full-service marina in the southern Bahamas, all within easy reach of the properties. Many people choose to buy there as an investment for the future, others put their homes up for holiday rentals, some live there part-time and some live there full-time.

Long Island is a very relaxed place to live and there is absolutely NO CRIME!!!! People don't lock their doors and most people don't even have keys. The official population is around 5000, though there is a thriving tourist industry and part-time residents add to the figure. There are schools and medical facilities - in fact everything you would associate with modern living WITHOUT the stress and crime problems that usually go along with it. The people are wonderfully friendly and welcoming.

The sea is unbelievably beautiful. The varying hues of blues and greens defy description and you seem to be able to wade out forever with the water only up to your knees. It is crystal clear and warm. The beaches have palm trees and sand like talcum powder on the Caribbean coast. On the Atlantic side it is rugged, rocky and dramatic. The land for sale that we are talking about stretches from one coast to the other, so you can have your pick. If you're really smart, you'll get something with good elevation and views of the whole lot.

Hurricanes happen, Frances is ample proof of that. Thankfully it is extremely rare for Long Island, or the Bahamas in general, to suffer from the big ones, and this was the biggest in living memory. By the time she reached Florida, Frances had been down graded to a category 2 hurricane, but over Long Island she was category 5 with winds gusting up to 160 miles an hour. It's almost incredible to be able to report that Long Island came through this with all houses unscathed apart from the odd missing roof tile here and there. Even the marina survived with all boats intact. Other islands did not fair as well, but Long Island has hills that protect houses from the worst of the storms and the building standards there are excellent. Even our house, which is still only half built and far from secure, came through without a scratch. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, and we are certainly delighted that we decided to buy on Long Island as opposed to anywhere else.

The mail is slow and the telephone system a bit unreliable, but they do work. Many of the locals don't even own a TV. Also some of the minor roads could do with a bit of attention, though there is access to all lots. It is NOT a place for those wanting hustling street vendors or banging nightclubs. It IS a place for those wanting relaxation, seclusion, privacy PLUS a really pleasant social life (rum punch parties are excellent) IF and WHEN you choose.

This is a tropical island and has its fair share of annoying little bugs, but there is nothing nasty that carries disease and you don't need any injections before you go. The most annoying is the noseeum (so named because it's too small to see). They are easily handled with a good insect repellent, or you could adopt the local method of using baby oil.

Final thought. We consider this place as close to paradise as you're likely to get. The calm Caribbean contrasts with the rugged Atlantic, and the hilly topography makes it far more "interesting" than the usual flat islands of the Bahamas. There are those who call Long Island the most beautiful island in the Bahamas. Others (including Christopher Columbus) have gone as far as to call it the most beautiful island in the world. I don't know. I haven't been to all of the 700 islands that the Bahamas has to offer and I certainly haven't been everywhere in the world so I couldn't make such a wide-ranging statement. However it is certainly beautiful by any standards. To make your own decision I strongly suggest that you go and see for yourself.

Roy and Tracey


We are just back in Nassau after a trip to Long Island where we were invited to hear of a newly proposed marina development. This is a separate entity from the land about which you have requested information (above) and is considerably more expensive. Nevertheless the new proposal might be of interest to a few. Anyone who is in the slightest bit interested, please let me know then I can write to you about it when I have the details. Maybe it will prove impractical, in which case I’ll just let you know that it is not going ahead. Alternatively it just might be that “in on the ground of something big” opportunity that most people only find out about when it’s too late.

The entry price will include all utilities and planning permissions/building approvals. Please note that the “prepared information” in the general section above relates to the original land lots and should NOT be read with the marina project in mind. Some information will relate but, for example, the document on utilities is based on the premise that these are already “passing by”. This is not the case with the marina where they have to be “brought in”. Building costs will probably be different dependent on the base land, regulations for use and building have yet to be defined etc.

At this point if you are interested in a marina building lot, you can simply to state your interest, I'll email the details once I have them."

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