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Welcome to my photos of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Click on any image to see a larger view.

All photos were taken between
 December 5, 2003 and January 5, 2004

Valemont, British Columbia, Dec. 18th

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Scott & Brett
21-d.jpg (111249 bytes)
Alisson & Brett in front of the alpine cabin
27-d.jpg (87851 bytes)
Brett skiing in the trees
32-d.jpg (44850 bytes)
Brett & Alisson
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41-d.jpg (87273 bytes)
Alisson, Brett & Ryan
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67-d.jpg (62432 bytes)
Alisson - oops!
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60-d.jpg (12348 bytes)
Brett - skiing
58-d.jpg (13977 bytes)
Alisson - snowboarding

December 11, 2003
(Apologies but these were all taken thru the car windshield so colour is off.)

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housexmas-x.jpg (35523 bytes)

This is where we were staying for three weeks
(the house won 1st prize in the town's Christmas Decorating contest.)

Jasper National Park
(the town is in the park - therefore you can not live there unless you work there - otherwise - I'd be living there!)

DSCF0016x.jpg (84087 bytes)
The street where my son lives.


DSCF0022x.jpg (49519 bytes)
Athabasca River in front of Becker's Cabins.
17 yrs ago we rented a cabin here and did our first white water rafting trip on this river.
DSCF0040x.jpg (57857 bytes)
Athabasca Falls
DSCF0037x.jpg (45104 bytes)
Mt Kerkeslian & Athabasca Falls
DSCF0036x.jpg (70759 bytes)

Lynda in front of Mt Kerkeslian
(all bundled up - it was -26 celcius)

DSCF0055x.jpg (34963 bytes)

Zooming in on the ski hills.
(all you can see is the upper runs)

DSCF0050x.jpg (53668 bytes)
Marmot Ski Resort from the road.

DSCF0061x.jpg (104172 bytes)

Athabasca River in front of Alpine Resort
(where we stayed in June - 2003)

January 1, 2004

Jasper to Lake Louise
(240 km - 2.5 hr. drive without stops
through Jasper National Park and into Banff National Park)

The Icefield Parkway

(there was an article in the paper recently stating that the Icefield Parkway was the most beautiful drive in Canada.
 I've traveled it almost annually for 17 years but this was the first time I'd done it in the winter.

D63.jpg (52976 bytes) D65.jpg (166612 bytes)
One of the many glaciers along the route.
...Sunny but chilly, it was -20 Celcuis (about 5F)

D66.jpg (94189 bytes) D73.jpg (91065 bytes)
The sun was just coming up from behind the peak.
Thankfully, the roads were in good shape.

D76.jpg (81162 bytes)  D88.jpg (118245 bytes)
Around every corner was another
 breath-taking view. Arriving in the village of Lake Louise,
with the Victoria Glacier off in the distance.

D92.jpg (173521 bytes) D94.jpg (153280 bytes)
The access road from Lake Louise up to the Chateau Lake Louise, Chateau Lake Louise finally comes into sight.

D97.jpg (112087 bytes)
Victoria Glacier across Lake Louise,
taken from in front of the Chateau Lake Louise.
 D98.jpg (224673 bytes)
Chateau Lake Louise, as we approached from the day visitor's parking lot.

 D99.jpg (160385 bytes)  D100.jpg (123864 bytes)
On the grounds of the Chateau. Looking out onto Lake Louise from the hotel you can see the skaters on the lake, people walking across the lake and an enormous Ice Castle behind the center tree.

MALIGNE CANYON, Jasper, Alberta photos:

D1mc.jpg (130684 bytes)


D13mc.jpg (134719 bytes)   D9mc.jpg (265660 bytes)
D4mc.jpg (125081 bytes)
These fellas get the right-of-way on the roads!

Rogers Pass, British Columbia (April 2001)

homeward bound